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Default Re: Prius C - Test Drive thoughts

"DanielleOM" wrote in message news:jmeh9a$ctp$

After driving my 1999 Nissan Sentra SE (140HP) for 230K miles I am
thinking about a new car. Prior to that I owned a Mazda 323, both with
manual transmissions.

From all of the cost to own data I can find it looks like the Prius C
is one of the lowest cost cars to own on the market. After being
affected by a restructuring at age 60, that factor is now very important
to me. I have also found that I am still driving and putting miles on
the car going to various networking events. The Nissan although
performing well needs work to pass emissions, tie rod ends and ball
joints. Luckily I have enough cash to purchase a new car.

In many ways I thought the Prius C would fit my needs. However I am
concerned by the lack of acceleration. I think got very used to being
able to drop the Nissan down to a lower gear and quickly jockey myself
the position I wanted to be in to merge into traffic.

Any one go from a high HP car to a Prius? Have any difficulty with the
reduced HP?

I live in Connecticut. In practice I drive on lot of 2 lane country
roads where passing is rarely done. But it's nice to know the HP is
there when I need it.


I have a conventional 2010 with great acceleration when I select the power
mode. Test drive the current year of that model. The C model hold what, an
additional 2 cu. ft. that will block the rear window? I parked mine
alongside a "C" and the difference was so insignificant as to not justify
the higher price. Either model will carry a 10' 2 X 4 positioned diagonally
with one end resting on the dash.

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