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How long ago was Your last OIL CHANGE and WHAT kind of oil did you use in there! The SCION< which is a TOYOTA car really, requires a special type of engine oil and NOT VALVOLINE or other WA based oil at all, EVER! Right now you have a dirty IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE and throttle body which $20 at the local oil change center can CURE for now! get a MOTOR FLUSH adn then use MOBIL ONE 0W-30 oil instead of the JUNK And CHEAP oil you have been using! You can SEE what it is doing for you! BTW, your foot does NOT add GASOLINE at all !It only adds AIR to the injected fuel! The IAC adds MORE air as required, and if it is jambed up with SLUDGE< CANNOT do it's job! It gets signals from the O2 sensor to open a WINDOW and allow MORE AIR to mix with the fuel! The THROTTLE BODY is the door that opens when you apply your FOOT and it ALSO regulates most TRANS SHIFTING! STOP USING CHEAP OIL CHANGES and get serious! ALL newer engines REQUIRE the new synthetics to keep them form BOGGING DOWN INSIDE and turning into GOO and SLUDGE! OLDER PUSH ROD engines can do just fine with these OLDER types of oil, but NOT engines with VARIABLE VALVE TIMING and other EXPENSIVE features! The GOOD NEWS is that mobil one 0W-30 oil will last for ONE FULL YEAR usually and it justifies the cost! CHEAP OIL ruins more engines than you can count from making ENGINE SLUDGE and clogging up SENSORS and other items like CONVERTERS< etc YOUR OIL CHOICES are crucial for proper engine health! GOOD LUCK!!
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