Bought an 02 Lexus RX 300 with low mileage. I'm reading mixed reviews. Did I make a mistake?

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Default Bought an 02 Lexus RX 300 with low mileage. I'm reading mixed reviews. Did I make a mistake?

The car has less than 50k miles. It seems people complain about the transmission is this a common problem?
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The transmission is not any more issue than any other car. That Aisin Warner transmission will normally go 150K to 200K miles for the average driver before it needs to be rebuilt, as long as the fluid is maintained. I've seen them go beyond 300K for some people. Check the owner's manual for intervals, but I think transmission fluid is due to be changed every 50K miles.

Every vehicle has a common quirk or two. Toyota / Lexus by far have fewer of these quirks than any other vehicles on the road. There will be instances where a certain part commonly fails sooner than expected for a particular make, but people's opinions are relative a manufacturer's reputation. For example, for few years in the 90's Toyota used an engine called the 3VZE. A lot of people consider it the worst engine Toyota ever made. But most of these engines that did have issues went beyond 150K miles before they showed any problems. Compared to similar domestic engines at that time, 150K was pretty darn good. If you got 150K out of a similar Ford or Chrysler at that time, you'd be praising the lord. So, the worst engine Toyota ever made was still better than anything Ford and Chrysler made.

The RX300 is a great vehicle. You have nothing to fear.
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Every car will break down sooner or later. Drive and enjoy your Lexus. Follow the maintenance schedule. When the transmission breaks, get it fixed. Stop worrying too much on something thas has not happened.
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Ms. Lauren, capitalized as all proper names in English must be written, it is necessary to read the complete message not just the written words. A 2002 Lexus RX 300 is a twelve year old vehicle. Considering an average annual miles of 12,000, this vehicle should have 150,000 miles and not 50,000 which, abbreviated would be 50K not 50k. Any vehicle of this age with the reported low miles needs to be suspect of something. All used vehicles need to be inspected by a mechanic to gather as much information as possible as to its mechanical condition. A simple Google search for information, reviews, comments by owners, etc., yields valuable information. Apparently you just showed up and paid for this car. Well, congratulations. Now you own one. It seems futile to consider the quality of your decision AFTER the fact and that leads me to the next subject, Buyer's Remorse. Not practical, not advisable and not functional. Now that you own this vehicle which apparently sat more than was driven, it is your responsibility for the care and feeding of this luxury brand by Toyota Motors of Japan. I recommend that a complete service and inspection by done as soon as practicable. That means: drain/flush the transmission, drain/flush the cooling system, drain and service the motor oil and brake fluids. That means to replace the shock absorbers and to check out the condition of the brakes and exhaust system. It means an inspection/check of all of the lights as well. Depending on where you live and who does these service items you can expect several hundred dollars. BUT the peace of mind it brings has no value for then you shall have a reference point as to these vital services by knowing where and when they were completed. It makes no sense to be worried as to the transmission. It will work or not. All systems and components do that, they work until they fail. Drive in confidence and save a bit of money every month to pay for future repairs. Bye.
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