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Brian H 14 Mar 2014 02:25 am

Is it a good or bad idea to install performance parts to my AUTO 2010 Scion TC?
I've always been under the impression that installing performance parts on an automatic fwd vehicle is kind of frowned upon, but my car is slow... and boring.

I wanted to start with a cold air intake and work my way to the exhaust. (Pretty much from cheapest parts to the most expensive i.e. Turbo) I plan on keeping the body as stock as possible.

If you're a tc owner, any insight would be greatly appreciated! (What parts you purchased, how much, etc.)

Recommended parts are also greatly appreciated.

James 14 Mar 2014 02:40 am

Dont waste your time.. "cold air" intakes are garbage.. first off they are not a cold air intake they are ram air intake sucking the air right off the top of a hot motor which in turn hot expanded air is bad and cold compressed air is good.. a true cold air intake is mounted in front of the radiator near the bottom of the car it could cost 200-300 bucks. As far as exhaust unless you plan on replacing the manifolds for headers and running a straight pipe all the way back it is near pointless.. OHH the kicker!! EVERYTHING you do will be useless unless you get the ECU reprogrammed and tuned for the new equipment at a cost of 200-300 bucks... Dont be a SHEEP drive the car save your money leave it at that.. a little car like that will NEVER be fast yeah it may be faster than others but I PROMISE you can drop all the pennies you want and a stock WRX will destroy you.

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