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  1. Will turbo charging my Scion tC void my warranty?
  2. I'm thinking of a new car....do you think the Scion TC is a good choice for me????
  3. Scion Tc question?
  4. start engine on Scion 2009?
  5. 08+ Scion XB spoilers. Do they lower gas mileage?
  6. Is all the Scion only have automatic transmision ?
  7. Does anyone know if anyone has built a Scion Tc that has beaten a Z06; or any car?
  8. Should I get a Scion xB or tC?
  9. How to make the LOW Tire Pressure light come off on a Scion tc 08?
  10. is the car "SCION" from the Toyota company?
  11. BEST MODS for an '05 SCION TC??????
  12. Do you think a Scion Tc 08 is worth 15,995???
  13. Does anyone have a White Scion tC with black rims?
  14. Do you think this exhaust will fit my baby?
  15. How to install neon lights under dash both sides Scion TC?
  16. Do the Scion tc B Piller Appliques just stick on or do you have to remove what is there?
  17. How do I flip the glovebox forward on a Scion tC to get to the cabin filter?
  18. Are the scion tc LED Under Dash and Cup Holder Illumination bright or would buying other be better?
  19. Thinking about a Scion tc?
  20. Scion Wrecking Ball Commercial?
  21. What do you think of a scion?
  22. hey every 1. i need a little help coming up for a name for my Scion group. help please???
  23. Scion tC overview for a future college student?
  24. Do you own a Scion XD? How do you like it and what do you think?
  25. What kind of power steering fluid should i use for 2007 scion tc?
  26. Which exhaust do you think is a better choice for looks and power gains for a 2006 scion xb?
  27. what do you think about the Scion Hako Coupe concept?
  28. Whats the best place to buy (2008) Scion tc body kits?
  29. scion tc fuel gauge?
  30. Why won't the low tire pressure warning light (!) turn off in my 2007 scion tc? i have put
  31. which cold air intake would be better for a 2006 scion xb?
  32. what is the best website or place for buying body kits for scion tc 2007?
  33. how should i messure the drop on my scion xb to buy the proper springs?
  34. Audio help for new scion TC?
  35. How could i reset the "maintains required" light from my 06 Scion tc?
  36. SCION tC alarm problem?
  37. The warranty of Scion TC?
  38. dose any one know the cost of adding the led under dash/cup holder lights?
  39. how is the scion xa? i'm thinking about buying one for the mpg?
  40. What should my Scion tc tach @ 65 mph - 2.4 4 cyl. engine and 5 speed standard transmission?
  41. Does anyone in Orange County know of someone who can change out the LED lights in a scion tc?
  42. Does the scion tC have a input to hook up an mp3 player to the car stereos?
  43. Do guys I see driving Tc's?
  44. I want an LeBra for my 2008 Scion XD.?
  45. Replace a license plate bulb on a Scion tC?
  46. do you drive a scion tc? what do you like about it and what dont you like about it?
  47. Scion tC TRD Cold Air Intake Question?
  48. On a light blue (pearl azule) Scion tc, which color tail lights would look best?
  49. does anyone drive a scion tc ?
  50. I have a silver 2008 Scion tC, should I get reflective silver tint or just a black?
  51. When is Scion changing the body style of the TC?? Anyone know?
  52. question about performance parts for a 08' scion tc(5 speed manual)?
  53. buying a car (scion tc) + insurance= how much expense a month?
  54. what do you think of the scion tc?
  55. Is the 2008 Scion TC a good car to get for my son with the gas prices going to $4?
  56. Scion tC for a first car?
  57. what can i add to my 2008 scion tc to pimp it out?
  58. Any potential for a Scion TC?
  59. What should I name my 2009 Scion tC?
  60. Are you mad at Scion for selling their cars with Toyota Camry engines ??
  61. What is the real stock hp and tq for the scion tc?
  62. Anyone know any cheap Scion Tc's around Newport News, Va 23608?
  63. As for dependability, are Scions good cars?
  64. 6 cylinder scion tc/camry engine?
  65. I'm wondering when will scion release the tc 2009. I know the only thing that will change is
  66. I'm looking at getting a 2008 Scion TC. The sticker price is $17,800. Could I get it for cheaper?
  67. Are there any scion car clubs in Tampa, FL?
  68. Who are the creators of the Toyota Scion Ads?
  69. My alarm doesn't seem to be working on my 2005 Scion tc?
  70. Scion XB tire sizes?
  71. Rims for a Scion tC?
  72. Installing a scion tc fender?
  73. does anybody know were i can find that pictures of a scion techanal with pink rims.?
  74. can you put an 06-07 tc body kit on a 08 scion tc?
  75. Have anyone tryed this turbo out for their Scion TC or what do you guys think about it?
  76. ingalls stiffy for tc???
  77. Should a turbo charger be my first performance upgrade for my scion tC?
  78. What gas milage can i reasonable expect from a 2006 scion tc with mixed driving?
  79. hi there, i have a scion tc stock bazooka sub. will it make any difference i replace the speaker.?
  80. Does anybody have the 2008 tc stock tail lights that came with it new?
  81. how do i install white LED on a scion tc?
  82. Can I change my Scion TC's dash lights?
  83. Suggestions for an exhaust for my 05 TC?
  84. are there any scion car clubs in georgia?
  85. Question about after market speakers for Scion TC.?
  86. The 2007 scion tC for $14,000?
  87. Is a Scion xB a car,SUV, or what?
  88. Scion Tc Exhaust intake help?
  89. Know what the plastic piece under the scion tc is called? I think its a splash guard
  90. Should I get 85 instead of 87 gas for my Scion tc?
  91. scion tc rims?
  93. Selling Scion tC 2008 Stock Tail Lights?
  94. Does anyone have a Scion tc?
  95. How Much would the Scion Fuse cost(car not part) & does anyone know when & if it will be released?
  96. Neons for a scion tC..?
  97. What can I do to improve it??
  98. scion xd vs tc?
  99. How can u add more Hp on a scion tc supercharged?
  100. How much does the factory installed super charger affect gas milage on the scion tC?
  101. What is better to get for a scion tC a turbocharger or a supercharger?
  102. Want to buy a Scion tC!?
  103. What is the Japanese name for the Scion Tc?
  104. How much for a Scion tC tire?
  105. 2008 Scion TC??
  106. Where was my 2006 Scion xA made?
  107. TC...girl's car?
  108. When will the 2009 Scion tC be available?
  109. my 2006 scion tc's right headlight don't work?
  110. Changing Oil in a Scion tC?
  111. can a 2007 scion tc beat a 2005 lancer?(both are stock)?
  112. Is this a good deal or?
  113. Scion tC questions ..?
  114. What type of intake should I get for my Scion tC?
  115. Can a car with keyless entry be steal?
  116. How do i get to playlists on the scion tc?
  117. what are some demograhics of a scion tc?
  118. What is a good performance monitor for my Scion tC?
  119. Scion rpm gage works off and on?
  120. My 07 Scion tc AUX or I Pod button is not working?
  121. how to program SCION TC ALARM to be silent?
  122. small light bulb under headlight?
  123. what are some phychographics of a scion tc?
  124. Scion tC trunk sound system?
  125. 2007 Scion tC? is it spec or base?
  126. what are some geographics of a scion tc?
  127. what is the small light bulb under the headlamp of the Tc?
  128. Tc replacement light bulb wont fit?
  129. When will the Scion Fuse come out?
  130. I have a 07 scion tc with stock pioneer head unit do i need a new one to hook up a 10" sony xplod
  131. xenon HID without projector?
  132. 2008 Scion tC lighting, i want to go super white, which brand and what bulb?
  133. scion bazooka...any good?
  134. is a trd exhaust worth the money for my '06 scion xb? what about the trd filter? how
  135. 2008 scion tc?
  136. How much should I pay for a used (2005-2006) Scion tC from a private party?
  137. Scion tC performance upgrades?
  138. on one of my scion tc's tires, I have to at least put air into it at least every 2-3weeks...?
  139. does anyone own a scion tC? how good is the gas mileage?
  140. Is the 2007 Toyota Scion TC OEM CD-MP3 Radio compatible with xm radio?
  141. Is the Scion tC an easy car to drive?
  142. how much would it cost to add a TRD supercharger to a scion tc at the dealership?
  143. SCION TC help?
  144. a 2005 VW Beetle or a 2006 Scion tC? Which one should I buy?
  145. TRD Exhaust for Scion tC?
  146. Third taillight went off and now back on to back off in my TC?
  147. in a scion tc what is the silver cover that covers the headers, and do you need it?
  148. in a scion tc what is the silver cover that covers the headers, and do you need it?
  149. when are the 2009 scions coming out?
  150. I got a new ScionXB 08 & need new brake pads at 10k miles, can this be possible? At 5k...
  151. Is the Scion tC a good car with good gas mileage?
  152. Scion TC owners, how is the gas mileage of your car (city mostly)? Do you prefer 2007
  153. between and 07 tc and 07 mustang..?
  154. is the scion tc a good car?
  155. insurance on a scion?
  156. 2005 TC Turbo charger???
  157. Is the Scion TC a good car to purchase?
  158. Which Car Would You Purchase As A 1st Car? : Scion XD or Toyota Matrix '09?
  159. How is the scion xb?
  160. Will my Scion Tc with ground kit do well in Chicago?
  161. my scion tc has an exclamation point warning message on the dash?
  162. Can an average person change their car's shocks/struts in their garage?
  163. Scion Tc Turbo or supercharger?
  164. I heard that in 2010 all Scion tc will be RWD???
  165. 2007 Mazda 6 vs. 2008 Scion tC?
  166. why did scion quit making the xA model?
  167. Should I Turbo or Supercharge my Scion tc?
  168. do ya think a scion Tc 2007 with 14k mileage is worth it for 7,850grand? its a salvage title?
  169. Scion TC releases?
  170. Where can I get my scion tC fender painted?
  171. How much to repair and paint scion tc fender?
  172. 2007 Scion tC review and w/ salvage title question?
  173. Cd Player????!?
  174. accessories for my scion tc?
  175. how do you fix error 3 6 disc cd changer on 2005 scion tc?
  176. Are there any Carb Legal headers for the scion tc 2008?
  177. Brand New Scion 2008 Tweaked?
  178. Leather in a scion tc?
  179. How much to paint a fender?
  180. How much to paint a 2006 scion Tc fender?
  181. Can I put a hybrid engine in a scion tc?
  182. Wheels for a Scion Tc?
  183. Would a dealer let me trade in an 08 scion tc automatic for used stick one without paying anything?
  184. I used 5W30 synth oil last change. Normally use 5W20 synth on my '07 Scion TC. Is this bad for the..
  185. does the exhaust layout stay the same from 05-08? i would like to get a exhaust system for my
  186. My tire on my Scion XB just blew, where do I go to get a new one?
  187. I don't have a owners manual to my 2007 scion tc and my automatic lights don't turn on.?
  188. Why was the Scion xA replaced with the Scion xD?
  189. What is the circle in the front bumper of the Scion Tc's purpose??
  190. Scion tc..what's the difference??
  191. Where should I repair a fender for my Scion tC?
  192. 08 Scion tC gets worse MPG than 07? why?
  193. Does anybody have a scion with high mileage?
  194. Scion TC Supercharger 2008?
  195. is 22,754 miles a lot?
  196. i want to get an 08 scion tc manual?
  197. Would a dealer let me trade in an 08 scion tc automatic for an USED 07 stick without any money
  198. How to get a better deal on the Scion xD?
  199. Scion Tc neone?!?
  200. Scion tC question...!?
  201. what would you rather? a 2006 pontiac grand prix or a 2006 scion xa?
  202. Is the Scion TC Good?
  203. Why are Scion tC always totaled/salvaged?
  204. What is better a supercharger or a turbocharger?
  205. Is a scion really a Daihatsu, with a different name and brand identity.?
  206. I have a 2006 scion xb whent it gold it's start, when the temperatue normal won't start....
  207. Is it easy to replace a side view mirror on a 2006 Scion tC?
  208. Scion TC suspension upgrade...?
  209. Has anyone used the Greddy Speed Cut Conttroller for a 2007 Scion TC and does it really work?
  210. I put $2000 down to get a Blue 08 Scion tC a month ago and they claim its still not in!!!?
  211. Does anybody know if a guy who is 6 feet and one inch can fit into a scion tc?
  212. does the trd axle back exhaust give an increase in performance in my 08 scion tc?
  213. Are Scion TCs the next Honda Civic?
  214. on an averge how much does a SCION cost?
  215. What color should i get THIS CAR inn?
  216. Scion tC or Chevy Cobalt SS?!?! Which One?
  217. Why won't people admit that the Scion tC is a cheaply built vehicle?
  218. Is the Toyota bB JDM instrument cluster compatible with the first generation Scion xB?
  219. 07 Scion tC.. clock light keeps shutting off.?
  220. where can i find an upper glove compartment for a scion xb?
  221. Scion xB. Are they really good?
  222. Scion XA 2006 20,000 miles manual fully equiped at 10000 is that a good deal?
  223. has anybody ever bottomed out a scion xb?
  224. "Maintainence Light" on a 2007 Scion TC?
  225. I own a scion xb and the beeping in the dash comes on randomly...not only when trac ctrl is
  226. Where can I buy a reflector of rear bumper of my 2005 scion xa?
  227. 2005 scion tc how to????
  228. Scion tC a good first time car?
  229. where do i buy scion xd in canada?
  230. Why does my amp fuse keep blowing up on my Scion TC?
  231. Can you put a Cold Air Intake AND a Supercharger on an 08 Scion tC.?
  232. why does it sound........?
  233. Difference btw Scion tC 2007 and the 2008 model?
  234. Does anyone own a scion xD???
  235. Where can i find a Scion XB 2006 owners manual?
  236. gps lockout?
  237. Are scion Tcs cood in the snow? THey have two wheel front wheel drive dont they ?
  238. I just bought a 2008 tc but made the mistake of getting the trd supercharger and exhaust,...
  239. Where can i find a audio wiring diagram for a scion xb 2006?
  240. Scion Tc With an K&N cold air intake system. does it make any woshing noise when accelerating on...
  241. On Scion Tc.... Will this wheel set up fit??
  242. how many miles per gallon does a 2006 scion tc get?
  243. can i put a msd ignition on my 08 scion tc?
  244. After intalling an air intake(and now I want to take it out),is it possible to have the...
  245. i want to change my scion tc 2008 stock lights into HID hit. but im scared, it might
  246. Anyone With a Scion Tc?... Mileage Question!**?
  247. How do you feel about the Scion Tc?
  248. scion xb release 5?
  249. My Scion xD =_) What do yall think of mine?
  250. How much should I ask for?