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  1. how can i increase my 0-60 on a stock scion tc?
  2. is a scion xD strong enough to drive up a mountain?
  3. What color of Scion tC should I get?
  4. 05 eclipse or 05 scion xb?
  5. flow master for scion tc?
  6. Why do people that drive the tc think it's a race car?
  7. Should I buy A Mini Cooper or a Scion TC?
  8. Do you really NEED parking assist for a 2008 Scion XB?
  9. My 2006 Scion TC airbag light came on and my check engine light!!?
  10. How are the sales doing for the 2008 Scion Xb? I have see very few of them on the road.?
  11. scion tc !?
  12. howmuch oil does my scion tc 2007 take?
  13. how do you turn off the check engine light in a 2005 Scion Xb??
  14. scion or civic?
  15. why would i buy a cold air intake for my scion tc when i could just drill a 1 inch hole in the
  16. Would you recommend Scion TC????
  17. no back lighting off the a/c heater controls on my scion?
  18. Roof rack for 2008 scion XB?
  19. Does anybody know if there is a form of the scion tc in the U.k?
  20. I'm buying a Scion xB in the Bay Area, anyone can tell me where to go for the best price?
  21. vsc and trac off lights 05 scion xb. what does this mean?
  22. Clock and Air control backlights in the 2007 Scion tC...?
  23. I just want to know about Scion tCs a little?
  24. I want to trade my '06 Focus for a an '08 Scion Xb.?
  25. Scion XB 2008 want to turn off gps safety?
  26. 2007 scion tC 3.0 release series?
  27. What is the top speed of an 08 Scion tC Supercharged?
  28. megan drift spec exhaust cat back for my scion tc?
  29. alarm unit is too sensitive on Scion TC. how to fix this.?
  30. scion tC 09?
  31. exhaust and header question for my TC?
  32. Do scion xB's come with option of 4 wheel drive?
  33. Should i get a Scion tC, xb or xa?
  34. its is possible to add a electric or intake supercharges on a scion tc supercharged?
  35. Can you use scion xb parts in a scion xd?
  36. Does the 2008 Scion xb have four wheel drive?
  37. I have a 2004 Scion xB. The service light stays on. Can any one help me to turn it off?
  38. Just bought a Scion xB, how do I install daytime running lights (DRL's)?
  39. Does anyone know how the 2008 Scion Tc handles in snow?
  40. In a Scion tC, what would be good parts to improve the over all performance?
  41. Scion XB????
  42. Do Scion TCs come with 6cylinders? Or is it always 4 cylinders?
  43. Hard to see with a pedestal spoiler on a Scion tC?
  44. alarm for '08 scion tC?
  45. scion xa anyone??
  46. Can anybody identify all the wires from the stock stereo of a 2004 Scion xB?
  47. which is more roomier car the nisson versa or Scion?
  48. Wheels and tires for Scion tC?
  49. who really made toyota scion?
  50. Scion tc 2005 breach of contract?
  51. Does anyone have a Scion TC? How is it?
  52. LOST my SCION key!!!?
  53. what kind of tires do scion tc have?
  54. Should buy a new or used Scion tC?
  55. I really want a Toyota Scion xB...?
  56. how to improve gas mileage in my scion xb. its an 05 manual.?
  57. can you supercharger or add a turbo to a 2008 scion TC?
  58. 08 Scion tC Supercharged vs. Golf GTI 1.8T?
  59. what color scion tc should i buy?
  60. where on the scion tc 2008 car, is the first aid kit located.?
  61. Should my boyfriend get a Scion TC?
  62. hey im 17 im looking at 3 different cars the eclipse,the scion tc and the honda accord...
  63. how can i make a scion tc look less girly?
  64. What is the cost to have the factory pedestal spoiler installed on a Scion tC?
  65. Who hates their Scion tC?
  66. If I were to buy a Bazooka VSE-SCI-TC-04 for my Scion tC, would I need anything else for a system?
  67. Who can help with a scion Xa ipod plug?
  68. What's gas consumption per hour for Scion or Toyota Corolla if vehicle parked with turn on engine?
  69. Scion TC what is a 2007 Scion tC "spec package" and what is the difference between that
  70. For my scion tc ,where can I find a small rear oem hatch spoiler that goes on the rear...
  71. scion xb owners please help?
  72. What are the best alternations or aftermarket parts to put on a Scion TC?
  73. Price of Scion tC in year 2011?
  74. if i buy a scion tc 2006 from someone does the warranty transfer?
  75. What do you guys think about two-toning a blue scion Tc? Not sure on the other color yet, any
  76. i have a 05 scion xb and yesterday a light turned on what does it mean? "VSD" and no maunueL! HELP!?
  77. I have an 07 Scion TC without the alarm system...?
  78. How much would this car cost?
  79. 2008 Scion tC headunit message?
  80. whats the difference between the scion tc spec and the normal tc?
  81. What are the best rims to get for a SCION TC?
  82. h.i.d bulb for scion tc 2008?????
  83. What tire sizes will fit on the standard steel wheels of a 2006 Scion Xa?
  84. where can i find pink led lights for my gauges on a 2008 scion tc?
  85. rear window deflectors for scion tc?
  86. I have a 2008 Scion xB and want to switch to 19s but can I swap the tire pressure monitoring system?
  87. Who makes the Scion XB?
  88. Scion tC...how much woul i pay monthly with car & insurance?
  89. just want to know how much is the sicon XD at this time?
  90. how do you change the air filter for a scion xb?
  91. What is STANDARD on the 2008 Scion tC?
  92. Dose anyone own a Scion TC?
  93. is a scion tc 2008 rear,front or all wheel drive???
  94. how many miles can you drive on a scion tc's fuel tank since its only a 15 gal tank?
  95. Help choosing between cars? 08 civic coupe, 08 scion tc, 08 honda fit, 08 mazda 3?
  96. buying a used scion tc for my first car?
  97. Scion XD Quetions?
  98. what is a good website for a scion tc????
  99. I'm considering buying a Scion TC, how is the engine?
  100. I just got a barely used 08 Scion Tc Its missing the ipod connecting cable. Where can I...
  101. How fast is the Scion TC?
  102. childern seating in the front seat?
  103. im looking into a rebuilt scion tc it looks in perfect condition is 8995 to much for it it has
  104. What Brand of Rims could I use for a 07Scion TC? Any websites wit rims 4 my car Or Places u
  105. scion xb or xd?
  106. car dillema. buying used or NEW? (scion tc)?
  107. does a turbocharged really run better in a scion tc 2008???
  108. How often should I change the oil for the Scion tC?
  109. whats scion?
  110. what did you pay for your 08 scion tc ?
  111. Why are there so many salvaged scion tc's?? Is the frame so weak that with one tap it's totaled?
  112. I have a 2006 Scion tC with the stock radio. Is there anyway to make the names of the songs appear
  113. what kind of gas should a scion tc us?
  114. What is the best color to get in a 2007 scion tc?
  115. What type of oil is best for my Scion tC?
  116. Center caps?
  117. Where can I buy Scion Tc window louvers Side and Rear.?
  118. Nissan Cube, its like a scion Xb.?
  119. I am unable to correctly connect the wires/cables to the back of my heater control on my Scion XB...
  120. does anyone know a link that teaches how to install projector lights on a scion xb 2004?
  121. What is a good website to find Scion xB body graphics? What is a good store to find these
  122. Does the 2008 Scion Xb have preouts for an aftermarket amplifier?
  123. 2008 Scion tC?
  124. How is the Scion tC's 5 speed manual transmission??
  125. Scion Tc Lambo Doors?
  126. cost of scion tc maintainance?
  127. Does anyone know anything about the Scion tc?
  128. Scion TC (2007) A/C issues...?
  129. Why is my Scion tC running at high RPM? Solutions?
  130. Is the scion tc slow?
  131. Help!! My dashboard lights on my Scion xb are all dimmed?
  132. Can you trade in a 2001Hyundi Elentra for any yr Scion xa?
  133. Scion Sale/Promotion?
  134. Where can I get decals for 2008 scions? I am in NW Arkansas, also list ay websites.?
  135. dimensions of cargo space in the scion xB (first generation)?
  136. scion tc sunroof problem?
  137. scion fuse?
  138. Whats the different between Reg. tC & tC Spec Package?
  139. are scion tC's ipod compatible?
  140. why does the new Scion XB has only one fog light on the rear bumper?
  141. Trade in my 07 Scion for a Toyota Rav4?
  142. What gas mileage should I expect from my 2005 Scion tC?
  143. why does the new Scion XB has only one fog light on the rear bumper?
  144. Whats the different between Reg. tC & tC Spec Package?
  145. why does the new Scion XB has only one fog light on the rear bumper?
  146. What might be a minimal YET REASONABLE amount for a down payment on a new scion tc?
  147. is the scion xB good in the snow???
  148. What do you think of a Scion tC?
  149. are the scion xb(box shape one) good on gas and r they good cars or would u rather go 4 matrix?
  150. I want to buy Scion Tc 08 my Credit Score is 727?
  151. Scion tc 06. I'm thinking of painting my car over. The original paint is Classic Silver. ...
  152. is it safe to drive my tC injen cai in the rain?
  153. Will the Scion tC ever be fuel efficient?
  154. What oil should i get for my 07 scion tc?
  155. Street Racing! and Car Mods!?
  156. Supercharger or Turbo for a Scion tC?
  157. why does the scion tc get such horrible gas milage?
  158. Can I fit 22 inch rims on a 2005 Scion xB?
  159. Is the scion tc slow??
  160. Gas Mileage on the Scion Tc by Toyota...?
  161. Whats up with the Scions?
  162. how much horsepower exactly will a fujita CAI giave your 07 scion tc?
  163. is a 2006 TOYOTA SCION TC considered a sports car when getting insurance will the rate be
  164. What's your RPM on your Scion tC when you hit 80 MPH or other car?
  165. Where do you go to get your car customized like this?
  166. How do you lik your Scion TC?
  167. How to Install Scion tC Halo Fog Lights???
  168. Scion Tc WideBody?
  169. what do you have to do to remove the interior panel on tc to install pedistall spoiler?
  170. In a 07 scion tc...what wire in the a/c control unit plug controls the blower speed?
  171. what is the average cost painting a 2004 scion xb?
  172. Scion after market parts?
  173. Helppppppppppp! MY SIDEKICK IS FREAKING OUT!?
  174. cost of a xD fender?
  175. What kind of bodykit comes with the scion tc?
  176. Scion Tc Struts ,Shocks , Suspension <<<<<?
  177. Do you own a 2008 Scion xB?
  178. Scion tC good 1st car for High School?
  179. Where can I get my car lowered in the DFW Texas area?
  180. The location of the IAT Sensor on a 2007 scion tc?
  181. location of antenna of 2005 scion xb?
  182. scion tc HELP?
  183. Who has Scion tC parts?
  184. Scion Tc WidebOdy Kits?
  185. Are the 2008 scion xb rear seats removable?
  186. what audio system and subwoofer is best for a scion Tc 07?
  187. where could i find a cheep air ride kit for the 2008 scion xb?
  188. Resetting maintenance light on Scion TC?
  189. i'm planning to buy a new car, is anyone has a opinion on scion XD?
  190. i'm planning to buy a new car, is anyone has a opinion on scion XD?
  191. ** where does ipod plug to in 2005 scion tc **?
  192. what does the asb in scion mean?
  193. Scion TC upgrade or redesign?
  194. Scion TC upgrade or redesign?
  195. Difference between Scion Tc Headers and Racing Headers?
  196. Does excessive use of the scion xb traction control and stability assist a bad thing?
  197. The new Scion XR?
  198. is it possible to fit a v6 engine into the scion tc?
  199. How hard is it to put a pedestal spoiler on a Scion Tc?
  200. Scion xb speed?
  201. I have an engine light with a vertical line surrounded by parentheses on a 2006 Scion. What is it?
  202. Best Mods for a 2005 scion tC?
  203. Where can I get a scion XB 2006 manual?
  204. I'm driving my Scion XA to Lake Tahoe...Q about snow chain?
  205. scion tc 2007?
  206. What brand of cold air intake would you recommend for an 2007 Scion XB?
  207. Are Scions fast cars? (Tc's to be exact)?
  208. Where are scion tc's built?? In america or japan???
  209. which is a better choice? scion tc or cobalt ss?
  210. Which Scion is better, the tc, the xb, or the xd?
  211. is paying $350 a month for an '08 ScION TC too much?
  212. hello.i would like to know how makes scion xa?toyota?
  213. Are Scion TC's considered a nice car?
  214. For my Scion tC, I have a "3" gear. I know D is drive and R is reverse and N is neutral.....
  215. im going to 16 , and i want one for my bday!!!?
  216. Modest Mods on a Scion TC, which would you use?
  217. who maks cars scion?
  218. who wants a 2004 scion xa??
  219. does any one know what the scion tc rear spoiler is made out of?? is it supposed to be light??
  220. When nuying a Scion XB from the dealership do you have the option of getting a sun
  221. 2005 Scion Xa where are the spark plugs. Are they under the black plastic cover?
  222. Anyone have instructions on how to install an H.I.D. kit for a Scion Xb 2006?
  223. 2008 xB colors??
  224. '07/'08 Scion tC -- paint?
  225. When do you change the timing belt on a 2005 scion xa and what other maintanence do you...
  226. Why does the Scion xD have such a poor green rating?
  227. Is buying scion xb 2008 for me a good decision? How about insurance, after market maintenance and...
  228. When buying a Scion, does the dealer customize it for you at the dealer?
  229. Which MTX Enclosure, Thunder TC or Sledgehammer?
  230. Can you add turbonetics turbo on a '08 Scion tC automatic transmission?
  231. I have a 2008 Scion xB- can it fit 3 Carseats in it?
  232. What is the SPEC version of the Scion tC?
  233. Whats a good down payment for a scion TC?????
  234. Anybody own a Scion van? Is it any good?
  235. What is a good scion accessory website?
  236. Difference between the 2008 Scion TC and the other years?
  237. Bought a Flooded Scion tC, need advice?
  238. what parts do you need to build an intake for a scion xb?
  239. Which HID lights to get for my Scion TC 08 Nautical Blue Metallic..? I want white with
  240. What happened to the Scion Xa?
  241. Anyone own the older or new model of Scion?
  242. Looking to buy a used Scion tC?
  243. scion tc or 06 civic si, looking for a new car, one i can soup up and put in shows, im kinda
  244. scion tc or 06 civic si, looking for a new car, one i can soup up and put in shows, im kinda...
  245. Are Scion Tc's and Nissian Altimas around the same price range?
  246. Scion xB owners or knowers...?
  247. supercharged Scion tC?
  248. Would you take your scion xB to jiffy lube for an oil change?
  249. how do you peel out in a automatic scion xb?
  250. how do you peel out in a automatic scion xb?