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  1. How much is the OEM tC clutch worth?
  2. Scion tC Owners: What do you think of the Front Strut Bar?
  3. Scion tC sound system?
  4. Is it possible to convert a 5-speed manual Scion TC to a 6-speed?
  5. Buy a 2008 Scion Tc or a 2008 Hyundai Elantra?
  6. '08 Scion Tc Tail Lights for an '07?
  7. Is the Scion tC a good used car to buy?
  8. Curious about my car...?
  9. scion tc or civic?
  10. How to turn off maintenance required light in a 2005 Scion xb?
  11. scion xA check engine soon light...?
  12. Scion xB 1st Gen vs. 2nd Gen. Which do you prefer?
  13. How loud is the stock sound system for the Scion tc?
  14. Would a Scion xB 2006 be a good car to start out with?
  15. 2007 scion TC annoying BEEP!!?
  16. I love my tc BUT the GAS milage is suckin!!!!?
  17. Which car is faster, a 2008 Scion Tc @ 161 hp or a 2007 Mazda 6 S V6 @ 212 hp?
  18. Where can I buy a good condition scion for under 10,000$?
  19. For tC Tuners! What is the best exhaust for the tC? I'm looking for the best sound and...
  20. Problems with Scion tC?
  21. Does the Scion TC need Regular, Supreme or Premium gasoline?
  22. This is everything i have done on my Scion TC i want more hp can i also add supercharger to it?
  23. how can i fix up a scion tc?
  24. 2008 Scion tC: Other options?
  25. What are the pros/cons of a scion?
  26. How do I open the trunk to my 2--7 scion tc? I just bought it yesterday & haven't figured...
  27. What would be better to do?
  28. What is the price for a used 2005 Scion tc?
  29. How can i add hp. & acceleration on my Scion TC?
  30. '08 honda civic or '08 scion tc?
  31. Is the Scion tC the ideal car for me?
  32. Scion xB question?
  33. tc alternator?
  34. 2008 scion xb??
  35. 2008 scion xb??
  36. will they make a scion tc transformer alternator?
  37. are there different classes for the scion tc? Example like a accord have classes: LX EX V6.?
  38. Scion TC 2008: Stock audio system.. How to pause a ipod or cd song?
  39. if my upper cover, I.E. Dashboard is rippled/warped on my scion tc, is that covered under warranty?
  40. 08 Scion TC: Stock head unit vs. Stock $389 upgrade ?
  41. i just bought 2 12inch infinity subwoofer..with max power of 2400 watts..?
  42. scion tc owners?
  43. what estimated cost of owning this vehicle, scion xb(financing and registering and insurance etc)?
  44. Installing supercharger on a Scion tC.?
  45. Gettingmy first car. Scion xB?
  46. 2008 Scion xB/Toyota Camry remote start bypass?
  47. Do the 2007 Scion tC Euro Lights fit the 2008 Scion tC model?
  48. Does any body knows the range prices of the new SCION XB ?
  49. what bulbs do scion foglights take?
  50. where can i get a lambaroghini door kit for my scion tc?
  51. Good Exhaust?
  52. Scion help?
  53. What is the difference btw a scion tC 2007 and the 2008 models?
  54. 2007 Black Scion tc, need help with lights?
  55. Why doesn't my 2008 Scion TC with Spec package not have the new tailights or front headlights?
  56. I need help in buying a used 05 Scion Tc. I am buying a used scion TC from a private seller....
  57. Scion tc vs...?
  58. Will 18 x 8.5 wheels with a 44 offset fit on my Scion TC with no problem?
  59. How do u get your car sponsored? and can u get a stock car sponsored to help pay for customizing?
  60. Does anyone have a 2007 or 2008 Scion TC...what are the pros/cons?
  61. where can I find a manual shift lever extension for a scion xb...?
  62. 07 tc problems?
  63. scion tc????
  64. First car scion xa or Xb?
  65. Opinions on Scion TC's?
  66. New Toyota Scion Problems?
  67. What Scion models have an AUX port for MP3 players?
  68. buying a used06 scion xb, can i get info from other scion owners please?
  69. For those who own a sion tc, how does it handle in the snow?
  70. any one have any thoughts on the scion xb 2008?
  71. scion TC resale value and reliablity?
  72. does anyone know what the little light on the rear bumper of the NEW scion xB is for?
  73. Toyota Scion Xb...can I change my own spark pluggs? and where should I buy it?
  74. scion tc vs ford lightening?
  75. How can I make my Scion tC Faster?
  76. are scions safe i want the coupe are they safe and how much do they cost?
  77. Nitrous for scion tc?
  78. is a scoin tc a good first car?
  79. Why does my check engine light turns on (05 Scion XB)?
  80. i'm gettin a 2008 scion tc i was wondering are there any faults wit it?
  81. can 20 inch rims fit on a 2007 scion tc?
  82. scion xA - automatic or manual?
  83. can i still get a new scion xA?
  84. Can anyone tell me the difference between Scion tC SPEC and normal one? thx?
  85. Borla or Tanabe exhaust for 2006 scion tc?
  86. what is the price per kilometre for perodua kancil?
  87. having problems with i pod on scion tc?
  88. I am looking to replace the center instrument panel for a Scion XB?
  89. Spark plugs for a tC?
  90. Synthetic oil vs regular oil in my Scion TC?
  91. I have a 2007 Scion TC and I need to know the location and wiring diagram of the Iat sensor?
  92. Scion TC 08: What are some springs and rear sway bar that you would recommend?
  93. My stepbrother has a 07' scion tc...he set a welcome message and messed up and now he
  94. what are the best headers for a scion tc, or just the best brand of headers?
  95. 2008 TC, using stock system... Will the iPhone work with it?
  96. Has anyone driven or owns the new 2008 Scion xB? How does it drive? How is the mileage?
  97. Anyone ever take a Scion xb cross country.Gotta 2005 thinkin of takin a trip.?
  98. SCION Tc 2008. Can a dealer make you buy the car with floor mats if the invoice has...
  99. How do I turn off or reset the message maintenance required from scion XA model 2004?
  100. Scion TC owners?
  101. My stepbrother has a 07' scion tc...he set a welcome message and messed up and now he
  102. Scion Tc reducing gas?
  103. How do remove the factory armrest from Scion xB?
  104. Scion tC RS3 or 2008 tC?
  105. scion TC price estimate! help!!?
  106. does anyone know when the 2008 scion tc comes out exactly?
  107. Do you recommend using a thicker oil on a 05 scion xb with 31,000 miles when getting an oil change?
  108. Will a car bra for a 2006 Scion TC fit on a 2007 Scion TC?
  109. About Scion tc?
  110. Scion TC mods?
  111. All Scion tC owners...please help?
  112. Scion XD ????
  113. Does the 2005 Scion tC play Mp3 CD'S?
  114. Toyota's Scion Division Sells At Full Sticker Price?
  115. Would there be any problem if i put in 20 in or 19 in wheels on Scion tC?????
  116. Can you add a trd supercharger to a 2008 scion tc automatic?
  117. Do you guys know if scions come with navagation system>?
  118. Is Scion tc a girls car?
  119. will a double-din fit in a scion xa?\?
  120. how unlock a scion tc without key?
  121. What type of maintenance should I do at 15,000 miles?
  122. Scion tC..which one should I get?
  123. which one's faster scion tc or the 1995 nissan maxima?
  124. supercharger or turbo?
  125. I have a 2007 scion tC. What upgrades do you recommend?
  126. i want tc have many friends on net,i dont know where to get them?
  127. What type of modifications are not street legal for a Scion tC???
  128. Buy a loaded 2007 Scion TC for a young guy: yes or no?
  129. Should I get the New Scion Tc or the New Honda Civic.?
  130. Does anybody else love the Scion xB?
  131. does anyone know the name of that song on the new scion tc commercial?
  132. catback exhaust system...scion tc?
  133. How do I turn off the maint. req'd light on my 06 Scion tc?
  134. is the scion Xa going to be making a comeback in the future?
  135. Scion TC 08: Advantages vs disadvantages to adding strut and sway bar.?
  136. can you import a scion tc coupe thru parellel importer to s'pore?
  137. texaco tc-w3 blend whit metanol or acohol?
  138. What exausts gives more Horsepower to your scion tc?
  139. Scion TC 08: I'm goin to install the strut and sway bar myself. What types do I look for to buy
  140. I heard its better to start with coils and then add sway bars after if needed? Scion TC?
  141. how do i change the tail lights on my scion tc?
  142. what would win a race...a stock scion tc or a stock 1st gen. saturn sc?
  143. Scion TC 2007 vs. 2008 ?
  144. How Do You Install some FAB Sytle Fog Lights On A 06 Scion xB?
  145. Scion tC, what exaust and cool air intakes are legal in california?
  146. please help with my xb?
  147. Ive been doing research and I would like to know approx when the Scion xD is going to be on
  148. is there more room in the manual scion tc then the auto?
  149. hi i have a 3007 scion tC and i am looking for a cold air intake. i found one on ebay but it...
  150. Are the new Scion Xb's out and available at dealershilps?
  151. which cold air intake is better for Scion tC, one's offered by TRD or Inzen??
  152. What gives your scion tc more horsepower? hks hi power exhaust or trd exhaust?
  153. scion help?
  154. Anyone out there own a Scion XA?
  155. Any of you know how many miles per gallon of gas the new 2008 Scion xB can do?
  156. 2008 scion xb?
  157. what are some ideas for a custom license plate for a scion tc?
  158. how do I stop the wind noise in my scion tc?
  159. Scion xb....in snow?
  160. What Can You Tell Me About Scions?
  161. Getting a Scion TC 08.. What's the cheapest best way to increase performance?
  162. Getting a Scion TC 08.. What's the cheapest best way to increase performance?
  163. Where can a buy a shorter antenna for my 07 scion Tc, and can I install myself?
  164. What's the difference between 2008 and 2007 scion Tc?
  165. I've got a couple questions about the Scion tC?
  166. Do you know if the Scion tC is AWD?
  167. Doese any one like the new xb?
  168. what can i do to make my scion tc look better or make it faster???
  169. Is a SCION a good reliable car?
  170. My 2007 scion Tc says it is satellite radio ready how do I get service? Something need to be...
  171. Purchasing Scion XB?
  172. Is it possible to convert the Scion tC to AWD?
  173. What Country is a Scion made in ???
  174. Which car is better, the Scion XB or Scion xD?
  175. Scion TC 07 vs Honda Civic Coupe EX 07 (Both Automatic)?
  176. Need help from all SCION OWNERS!!!!?
  177. Why do I see a ton of guys driving Scion tC's instead of girls?? NOT COOL!!?
  178. Scion TC Spoilers?
  179. hey does anyone kow who makes the vehicle scion?
  180. Is it me or are those Scion trucks ugly ?
  181. Is the Scion tC a fast car and what mods can i put on it?
  182. 2006 Scion tC mods?
  183. Can i buy the body that 5 axis used for the Scion tC? (lime green car)?
  184. I wan to add a turbo kit to my scion tc but I dont know what things are going to be changed in my
  185. wil 215/35zr 18 84w fits a scion tc?
  186. How you take out the engine check light after putting dc headers to a scion tc?
  187. need bike rack for Scion XB, where do I find one?
  188. Anyone own a Scion TC? What do you like/dislike about it? pros and cons?
  189. Can you import 2007 scion TC's into canada?
  190. How do I change the air filter in the xB? Where is it located? (not the cabin filter)?
  191. what is the 0-60 in scion tc with with upgraded intake and exhaust?
  192. They said I need a cam gear controller for my scion xa ...?
  193. 2007 Scion tC iPod integration problem?
  194. scion condenser replacement?
  195. what do you think about the scion Tc 2008 super charged?
  196. I drive a 2005 Scion Xb. The tach quit working about 5 months ago. Anyone else have this problem?
  197. what is the gas mileage for the Scion tc TRD edition?
  198. scion tc rattling or "chugging" while idling?
  199. How do I change a Scion xA 2005 air filter?
  200. which car is faster? VW Jetta VR6 or a Scion Tc?
  201. What is the difference between the Sciont TC Special Edition and the Regular scion?
  202. I just got a Scion tC and I know that it has an AUX outlet and I already bought the
  203. Anyone know about the Scion tc? How many mpg? Is it a good car?
  204. I have been looking at the Scion tc and althougth I like it, I am scared it is kind of a
  205. K&N air filter for Scion Tc?
  206. what engine should i put in my scion tc?
  207. 2008 Scion tc navigation system?
  208. Scion tC with Ipod ready head unit (stereo)?
  209. Scion T3 Gas Mileage?
  210. What is the best intake to put on a 2007 Scion tC?
  211. can anyone recomend a chip?
  212. can a 16 year old get insurance for a 06 scion tc?
  213. The Scion xD?
  214. what spoiler will look good on tc?
  215. Where can i find plugs for licence plate holes in the front for 07 scion tc?
  216. whats pimpin?
  217. Why isn't the Scion listed in the top 100 green cars?????
  218. Is the scion tc safe with that glass top?
  219. Anyone own a Scion tC?
  220. if u have a scion tc how much is ur insurance?
  221. does the scion xb come standard with keyless entry?
  222. What is the 0-60 time for a 2007 Scion Tc?
  223. cat back exhaust for scion tc?
  224. Should i get the 07 civic ex or the 07 scion tc?
  225. What color is Safire?
  226. I was looking at new cars today and I found the 2008 Scion xB, the people at the dealership?
  227. Thinking about buying a 2006 Scion xB- any opinions or advice?
  228. what company makes the scion tc?
  229. Trade in my 04 celica for 07 scion tc?
  230. would it be stupid to try and drift a scion xb?
  231. Would a 2007 scion tC be a safe and reliable car for a 16 year old gurl?
  232. My Scion tC's panoramic roof rattles like crazy? Whats the deal?
  233. How much will the new Scion xD be (base price)? Will GPS come standard?
  234. What allow rims will be optional with the 2008 Scion xB and what do they look like and cost?
  235. Does the TRD Exhaust that's on a 06 tC fit the 07 tC model?
  236. Anyone own a Scion TC?? I have been looking at these cars and wanted to hear any feedback
  237. scion tc Vs 3.8 series firebird, which one is faster?
  238. the new scania griffin sticker?
  239. Is scion tc economical on the freeway at speeds of 60-65 mph?
  240. Would you recommend a scion xb or other?
  241. scion Tc: shocks and springs Vs coilover?
  242. I want 18's on my scion tc 07. What pcd and et combo will work?
  243. How much did it cost you to buy your 2007 Scion tC?
  244. Anyone get their windshield cracked on their scion xb?
  245. my 05 tc makes a ticking sound when i am on the hwy that sounds like detonation,the dlr says...
  246. Do you know what kind of bike rack is best for a tC?
  247. For scion XA owners............................................ ?
  248. what brand coilovers are the best for quality, smoothness and comfortability?
  249. 2005 Scion tC?
  250. where can i find a picture of a white scion tc on a black background?