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  1. What does the 2010 scion tc have that the 2007 doesn't?
  2. Can you have both sets of foglights on a scion tc?
  3. does both the driver and the TC need a license for a goverment TMP?
  4. insuring a scion tc with collision for a 17 year old?
  5. CAI, headers, down pipe, exhaust for an AUTOMATIC Scion TC?
  6. How much would a really good Matte Black paint job cost for a '08 Scion Tc?
  7. does the 2011 Scion TC selling in the dealership already?
  8. I want to add an amplifier to my scion tc 2006?
  9. Which one is faster 2008 Audi a4 2.0 or 2011 Scion Tc?
  10. What cars are similar to a Scion tC only with four doors?
  11. Scion tC Pre-installations for turbo or inc. HP?
  12. How long do Scion tC's last?
  13. What are some 2 door coupes under 8K similar to the scion Tc?
  14. does the 2011 scion xb have differnt spoiler than a 2008?
  15. 06 scion tc antifreeze?
  16. manual scion tc power steering fluid type?
  17. Does anyone know if the 2005 Scion XB was included in the cracked windshield lawsuit settlement?
  18. 2006 scion tc transmission fluid?
  19. is there a turbo or a supercharger for the Scion xD?
  20. Is it a good car deal? 2009 Scion Tc 5.0?
  21. Can I put a 2010 scion navigation system in a 2011 scion tc?
  22. where can i buy those 2 panels by 2007 scion tc?
  23. scion tc bleeding the clutch?
  24. How to fix a broken antenna on a 2006 Scion xA?
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  26. Where can I find a Scion tC window sticker?
  27. Scion tC battery replacement?
  28. How do I make my 2007 scion tc faster?
  30. Why does Scion TC have such low re-sale?
  31. what color Sicon xD should i get?
  32. How can I tell which Scion Xb bumper is which?
  33. should i get the redesigned 2011 scion tc or a 2010 civic si coupe?
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  35. how do you install satellite radio in scion xa?
  36. Is is fine to use a higher speed rating than what Scion recommends for the TC?
  37. Scion tc vs honda civic si. Go?
  38. Which auto shop in Vancouver, BC can do the modifications on my scion tc 2006 for importing
  39. How much should break pads cost on a 2008 Scion TC?
  40. Difference between an '08 and '09 Scion tc?
  41. how do you change the engine air filter for a 2005 scion xb?
  42. how do I make my scion tc sound louder?
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  44. Does the scion tc's 5yr/60k mile powertrain warranty cover struts and springs?
  45. are the 2011 scion tc worth buying?
  46. Tires: 215/45ZR17 vs 215/45R17?
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  48. What is a good deal for a new 2010 Scion tc RS 6.0?
  49. My scion tc (05) turning sig and flasher quit working all together.... could it just be
  50. Where to buy a passanger mirror for a 2007 Scion tc special edition/release series?
  51. should I turbo charge my automatic 2010 Scion tc?
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  53. I would like to replace a fuse for the horn on my 2005 Scion xB (the horn sounds weak)?
  54. how can I get better millage in a scion xb?
  55. TRD exhaust or Strup?
  56. should i get the samsung galazy S or droid Xa?
  57. Should i trade in my 08 scion tc for a 2010 hyundai elantra?
  58. approximately how much would it cost to paint a scion tc flat black?
  59. why most people hate the scion xb?
  60. whats the difference between a scion tc 06, 07, 08, and 09?? arent they the same?
  61. scion xb or camry 4 cylinder?
  62. What 4 door car should I get that's more impressive than a Scion TC?
  63. Should I use 10/30 or 5/30 Motor Oil on my 05 Scion Xb it has only 57,000 Miles.?
  64. what engine can fit in a 2006 Scion XA?
  65. Where can i buy TRD exhaust for my scion?
  66. Will the Scion tC ever be released with 4 doors?
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  68. I am potently interested in buying a scion B from before the time the horses went up and the
  69. is scion xb a good choice?
  70. Is the Scion TC a good, reliable and fast car?
  71. scion tc exhaust mod?
  72. What do I do to get the most horse power out of my 2008 Scion tC?
  73. Is the Five Axis 2011 Scion tC body kit for sale?
  74. is that a good idea to take my scion tc to toronto(canada)? its about 2600 miles from my home?
  75. Where to Buy a Scion Zippo?
  76. does anyone make a scion shot glass?
  77. Scion xA performance questions?
  78. Where can I buy an OEM Pioneer stereo for a 2009 Scion tC?
  79. what year of scion tc is the best?
  80. Why does my 2010 Scion XB has low MPG?
  81. Buying a used '05-'07 Scion xB for first car, smart move? Any advice?
  82. 2006 Scion xA question!?
  83. Manual Scion tC owners please look! (no technological knowledge needed)?
  85. What is a good product that will increase my hp on my 2010 scion tc under 500?
  86. whats that little circle infront of my scion tc , there is like a cap covering it and it can be
  87. 2007 Honda Fit Sport or 2008 Scion xD?
  88. whats the best cold air intake for my 2010 scion tC?
  89. What is the best way to "hide" a spare key on a Scion XA?
  90. What is the difference between the 2005,2006, and 2007 scion tc?
  91. Can I carry a 4' x 8' sheet of plywood home in an XB Scion.?
  92. rear seat headrests for 2004 Scion xB?
  93. Should i buy this 2005 Scion Tc?
  94. what is the size of a back window on a scion xb?
  95. Scion tc factory/aftermarket radio?
  96. Trying to get new rims on stock 2007 Scion tC?
  97. Is this 2005 Scion TC a good first car?
  98. how do I replace a horn in scion xb 2009?
  99. how much power can i gain with aftermarket muffler on my tc?
  100. Do I need a relay or a wire harness for my 2009 scion tc?
  101. scion xb reviews? (any year)?
  102. what car is more powerful/faster? a 2007 scion tc or a 2000 saturn ls?
  103. HID lights for a Scion xD?
  104. Hey so I want to get a touch screen in my dash for my scion tc... is there one i can plug...
  105. Are scion tC's good cars?
  106. What is some of the best shifting knobs for a scion tc?
  107. how do you install a aftermarket rear spoiler on a scion tc?
  108. how do I reset oil light on my 05 Scion TC?
  109. Wrecked my scion tc!!! :(?
  110. How much would my car insurace be with a used 2007 scion tc?
  111. Where can I buy custom Scion xD head/taillights?
  112. Are Scions expensive to buy?
  113. Can I put straight pipes in my Scion Xb?
  114. Which of these two scion tc superchargers?
  115. is the scion tc a chick car?
  116. What is the biggest car rim you can have withought having a low profile tire?
  117. new scion or used scion? or celica?
  118. 2005 Scion xA RS 1.0?
  119. Can I supercharge my 2010 Scion tC?
  120. is it possible to finance a scion tc 2005 with 100k miles for 5 years?
  121. will the price of the scion tc 2010 go down once the 2011 is released?
  122. Is it possible to install cruise control in a 2006 Scion tC with a manual transmission?
  124. Scion tC grinding/squeaky springs?
  125. Flowmaster on a cat back exhaust system for a scion tC?
  126. Is a 2004 Scion xB a good first car?
  127. Is it difficult to change brakes on a 2007 scion tc?
  128. Cost of insurance for Scion xb?
  129. Scion xd overheating?
  130. Is there an hatchback release button somewhere on the interior of my 2006 Scion tC?
  131. 05 scion xB dropped acceleration?
  132. i have a 2007 scion tc that needs tires. i want a tire that produces little road noise can...
  133. Are all Scion Tc's manual?
  134. \whitch is better scion tc or honda civic?
  135. Is buying a 2004 Scion xA with 85,000 miles a good idea?
  136. Scion tc or Mitsubishi Lancer?
  137. a/c wont work on my 06 scion xb?
  138. when is the scion tc 2011 out?
  139. would this car be bad to buy scion xd?
  140. Which car is an all around better vehicle, scion tc or hyundai tiburon?
  141. What is the best place for Toyota/Scion replacement parts and accessories?
  142. how much do tires cost for a scion xd 2008 model?
  143. I have a copy of my scion key and it won't start?
  144. whats the difference between an 06 and an 05 scion tc?
  145. what brand transmission fluid or oil to use for a Scion TC?
  146. Good Cold Air Intake for 2007 Scion tc?
  147. Are only white scion tc's Manuel?
  148. 2011 scion xb car seat latch location??????
  149. Should I buy a scion xb?
  150. im getting the scion tc 2010 and im having trouble picking a color..which should i get?
  151. when will the 2011 civic and scion Tc be at the dealer?
  152. How many miles does a scion xa usually get?
  153. Help!! Should i get the Scion tc 2010 or 2011??!! i cant decide which one to get? which is better?
  154. Can i put a bigger and more powerful engine in a scion tc?
  155. Help!! Should i get the Scion tc 2010 or 2011??!! i cant decide which one to get? which is better?
  156. Ive been looking around, dont know much about cars...whats better than the Scion tC?
  157. How do I replace the key blade in a Scion TC key fob?
  158. How big is the Scion tC trunk? Dimensions wise?
  159. are there 4 wheel drive scion tC?
  160. How many post it notes would it take to cover a scion?
  161. Is a Scion tC a good car for a 16 year old girl?
  162. How much are these TRD rims?
  163. General question on Scion tc Warranty?
  164. where can I get a customized shift knob made from?
  165. Scion Wheel lock key?
  166. Where online can I find floor mats for a 2011 scion xb?
  167. We own a Scion TC, and a BABY...?
  168. does the scion tc come in a sport version?
  169. Where are the dashboard bulbs? on a scion xB 2005 please!?
  170. Scion tc questions ? ? ? ?
  171. How do I change my rotors and pads on a 07 Scion TC?
  172. Scion XA, what are the pros and cons?
  173. How do I replace the tail-light bulb on my 2006 Scion XA?
  174. Is buying a 2004 Scion xA with 85,000 miles a good idea?
  175. how do i hook-up Scion TC 07 smoke taillights?
  176. How to repair Scion TC hatchback Handle?
  177. VSC light on Scion XB?
  178. Does anyone know how to install these halo foglights in an 09 scion tc?
  179. Will "Niche" Rims Fit my scion Tc?
  180. whats the name of the song in the scion commercial?
  181. back panel of 2007 scion ??
  182. How can I upgrade the firmware for my Scion XB stereo?
  183. I am planning to buy brand new 2011 Scion Tc, I would like to know whats facts on Lamborghini door..
  184. The New Scion xB 2011! What do you think!?
  185. I just bought a Scion TC 2010, is there any scion clubs to join in SoCal?
  186. how long will toyota/scion make the xd?
  187. how to reset a 2008 scion xb key fob to unlock all doors at once?
  188. Mitsubishi or Scion! Which One! HELP!?
  189. when is the SCION TC 2011 coming out?
  190. stick shift or automatic for scion?
  191. Are there any scion clubs to join in South Carolina?
  192. window tint exemptions?
  193. Best turbo for scion tc?
  194. What more can I do to my scion tc sc?
  195. Is a 2004-05 Toyota Scion tc a good first car?
  196. Why does my Scion XB get bad gas mileage?
  197. How much does a used Scion tc cost? What is the gas milage on it?
  198. 2010 Scion xD mods!!!?
  199. What mods can i add to my Scion?
  200. How would these rims look like on my scion tc 07?
  201. 2007 Scion tc vs. 2006 Ford Escape?
  202. do 18x8 Tenzo-R DC-5 rims fit on a 08 scion xB?
  203. Can I put Scion Tc wheels on my Xd?
  204. where can i buy really good scion tc hid headlights?
  205. How well do Scion TC's run?
  206. Is Suntec tinting any good?
  207. What mods should i get for my 2010 Scion xD?
  208. Can a scion tc be fast enough for me?
  209. who loves their Scion?
  210. When is the SCION TC 2011 coming out?
  211. Lowering a scion tc and wondering if i still have clearance of the body with aftermarket tires.?
  212. Scion xD Customs on site?
  213. Is a Scion xD Hatchback a good vehicle?
  214. Is a Scion tC a good starter car?
  215. When will the 2011 Scion tc be available?
  216. 2008 scion tc any good?
  217. We are considering buying a new scion tC. does anyone own one of these and what is your...
  218. Scion TC or Mini Cooper?
  219. Scion TC 2009 problem?
  220. location of cam sensor for 2005 scion xb?
  221. what else can i do to scion tc SC to increase its performance?
  222. Anyone own a 2008 Scion xB?
  223. scion tc pressure plate sequence pattern?
  224. What model Scion is the lightest?
  225. Turbo kit Scion tC/ Evo 8?
  226. how much would it cost to paint my 2008 scion tc?
  227. has anyone ever heard of a 3rd row of seating in a scion xb?
  229. what color 2010 scion tc should i get ?
  230. What is the part under the door on a Scion Tc called?
  231. Problem with my A/C Scion Xb 2005.?
  232. how much would this scion cost to repair?
  233. So if I wanted to keep my Scion tC what else should I do to increase its performance?
  234. what is a good and affordable exhaust sytem i can get for my scion tc 07?
  235. a question about scion tc's?
  236. i need a new computer for my 2008 scion xb?
  237. Will scion TC rims fit on a 2006 Corolla?
  238. Used Scion xb in new England for sale?
  239. Do Scions have to be fixed by the dealership?
  240. I have a 2008 scion tc i want 2 get the windows tinted in nj how much would it cost?
  241. Does anyone have a Scion TC and kids?
  242. Scion tc underbody shaking?
  243. a question about scion xb?
  244. how long will they be selling the 2010 scion tc ?
  245. Where is the O2 sensor located on a 2008 Scion xD?
  246. Scion tC owners: have you ever had your shocks replaced? If so, at how many miles and why?
  247. How do I change the headlight bulbs on a 2005 scion tc?
  248. scion tc shakes over 40 mph?
  249. for those who have experienced or own scion tc's?
  250. Scion Tc owners HELP ME PLEASE?