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  1. My scion tC is past the 5 yrs. has 40k miles. can i get an aftermarket warrantee?
  2. windshield wiperblade size for scion xd 2008?
  3. Do you own Scion Tc or Mazda3?
  4. 2008 Sciont Tc in the snow?
  5. I want to get an HID kit for my Scion TC 08, will i need anything else to make it work? also
  6. how to program a 2005 scion tc key?
  7. similar car to scion xb.?
  8. Will H.I.D headlight bulbs work with 2009 stock scion tc headlights?
  9. How come people buy scions?
  10. How much is a scion tc 2005 used?
  11. Scion Xb A/C, intermittent fan failure?
  12. can i buy a scion tc for around 6,500?
  13. Can a 2006 Scion Tc wheels be repaired from dents?
  14. 2005 Scion TC - Issue with the heating and A/C fan not working.?
  15. is there any way i can make my scion tc with a trd supercharger faster i got headers
  16. Is a Scion xD (2010) a good first car?
  17. can I buy a Scion tC for winter weather, even though i doesn't have ESC?
  18. scion Tc aftermarket parts?
  19. does anyone know what the cable that goes from the shifter to the tran is called i have a scion tc?
  20. What is the best SYNTHETIC motor oil to use for a 2009 Scion Tc ?
  21. Im a 15 yr old gurl and fin 2 turn 16 in 3 mths and i like my first car 2 b a scion tc,wat...
  22. Lexus struts/springs on Scion tC?
  23. for those who own a scion tc?
  24. Scion TC or Acura Rsx?
  25. Should i buy this TC please read?
  26. Is a Scion xD a girly car?
  27. I bought a bell bike rack for a Scion tC. Has anyone been able to install a trunk rack successfully?
  28. When a Scion Xa pull back slowly, if it hits the back of a Ford 150 (still)?
  29. Where is the antenna plug on a factory scion xb 05 pioneer head unit?
  30. Scion TC secret storage?
  31. Which color is cuter on this car?
  32. Can a Scion TC take an Infiniti G35 in a race?
  33. Scion xB...?
  34. Scion tc hood. HELP!!! need answered very soon!?
  35. How much do someone pay monthly for a Scion Tc?
  36. Options to negotiate when buying a New 2009 Scion tC?
  37. How much for insurance on a Scion Tc? Does it get good MPG?
  38. Scion tC? What do you think?
  39. Why my Scion Tc with automatic transmission keeps 4000 rpm at 70mph on a highway?
  40. ok i know the scion tc TRD supercharger is discontinued but is there any place i can still get...
  41. How would a Grille Guard look on a Scion TC ? anyone have any pictures?
  42. How close to the ground would the bumpers on scion tc b with a body kit?
  43. automotive question Scion?
  44. I want to instal a Injen Exhaust onto my scion tc, i have no clue what im doing. HELP?
  45. good disses to diss someone?
  46. Scion xB- handling in snow?
  47. Is the scion tc a reliable car?
  48. AC High Side and Low Side for Scion TC?
  49. Scion Navigation System?
  50. Is the Scion xD a good car? I'm thinking of getting one...?
  51. How much does it cost to get a paint job on a 2005 scion tc?
  52. Is it ok to put honda civic coilovers on an 05 Scion Tc?
  53. How can i add HP and Torque gains to my Scion TC 08? the only mod i have is a Injen Exhaust?
  54. I have a 2006 Scion Xb and just recently I have been having problems with the alarm.?
  55. are ebay turbos good?
  56. What does the Ipod interface cable do for the Scion Tc?
  57. I need fog lights for my 08 Scion tC?
  58. 2005 Scion TC Lights?
  59. Are Scions tC good cars?
  60. What should a good window tint job cost on a scion tc?
  61. Scion tC Engine Air Filter?
  62. what is the best year of first model XB?
  63. is the nissan gt-r or the scion tc a BETTER CAR for a TEEN?
  64. What car is similar to the Scion tC but 4DR?
  65. Who drives Scion's besides toolbags?
  66. White scion tc or black scion tc?
  67. what performance upgrades can be made to an automatic 2008 scion tc?
  68. Which is more better Ford Focus or the Scion tC?
  69. My Scion xB (2005) is squeeking...?
  70. is there a way to access Scion TSBs without paying a subscription fee?
  71. Scion tC halogen headlights?
  72. Thinking of trading in my scion tc?
  73. Scion xB question--What would cause it to start but not respond to any gears?
  74. where can you find crashed scion tc's in the los angeles area?
  75. Why do many Toyota owners/fans shy away from/have a stigma about the Scion brand? Isn't
  76. Back wipers scion xb 06?
  77. Does the iPod nano 5th generation works in a 2006 tC Scion?
  78. Just bought a 08 Scion tC. I have read that it comes with Remote Keyless Entry but I only got a...
  79. using ASL controls in 2010 Scion xb?
  80. Scion tC Reliability questions.?
  81. scion tc front brakes?
  82. what is the best year for the sion tc?
  83. What does TC stand for?
  85. Does anyone know where they are any Scion car shows. Anywhere in the US. Please let me know.?
  86. I have red scion tc. I was trying to find some black rims with red lip to go with my...
  87. Why is a tire pressure light on in my Scion tC?
  88. <<<<<<Scion TC advice>>>>>>?
  89. how much additional power could I get by installing supercharger to my 2007 scion tc ?
  90. Should i modify the exterior of my Scion tc 2008 without touching the engine and still be cool?
  91. Tuning/ Performance upgrades for my 2006 scion tc?
  92. I got a Scion tc and wanted to do some work on it!?
  93. 2004 Scion Xa Purchase?
  94. How to change 09 Scion tC headlight bulbs?
  95. Planning on buying a Scion tc?
  96. How is the leg room in the scion xb?
  97. Why does my Scion xB static shock me after driving somewhere?
  98. Why is every scion tc for sale a salvage title?
  99. I think my next car will be Scion xB. But has the problems of Toyota spilled over Scion Brand?
  100. has anyone had there scion tc sunroof stop working for them completely? what did you do to fix it?
  101. Any suggestions for Mods and ideas for New scion tc?
  102. How to turn down/off the subwoofer in 2010 Scion tC?
  103. where can i find a white scion tC?
  104. Problem with Toyota?s and Scion?s??
  105. I have have 215/45R17 tires on my scion tc, tire place quoted 225/40/R18 tires, will they work?
  106. Where can I buy scion tC grille fog lights?
  107. I need a wind deflector for my 2008 tc, does anyone know where i might get one. How about...
  108. I'd like to add cruise control to my 2005 Scion xB?
  109. this is for unresolved_777....about my scion tc..?
  110. I have A Scion Tc 2008 and i'm looking for a heater core?
  111. What is the best method for removing the old oil filter from an '06 Scion xB (1.5L)?
  112. any scion tc owners out there who've experienced any clicking or rough idling noise coming from
  113. Swapping Engines(tc engine and v-tech)?
  114. Compare the scion tc 2009 with the nissan altima 2009 2.5s?
  115. How do you change the speedometer from km to mi on a 2008 Scion Xb?
  116. Cheap 18" Rims for a 2006 Scion xB?
  117. 08 honda civic lx coupe vs scion tc coupe?
  118. ***Scion or Celica?***?
  119. I removed my scion tc LED tail light, how can I get within the fiberglass?
  120. How much are people paying for a new scion tc?
  121. Can you have the dealership install parts on used scions?
  122. Are Scion XBthrottle recalled?
  123. Which would you buy 2011 Mustang V6--2010 Scion TC--Cobalt SS?
  124. is a scion tc a JDM car ?
  125. Is the Scion tc a good and reliable car?
  126. the TRD super charger for a scion tc i was told i cant put it on the car loan of a 08 scion
  127. 97 Honda prelude sh or 07 scion tc?
  128. Ok I know that whole Toyota thing just happened but is it safe to buy a scion tc 07 or 08?
  129. Is the Scion XB a guy car?
  130. High Milage on a Scion tC?
  131. Scion tC Sunroof Question?
  132. 2010-Scion tc, Cobalt SS, or 2011 Mustang v6?
  133. what can i do to add horsepower to my scion tc for cheap?
  134. How can i make my 2006 scion tc a 500hp monster?
  135. is this the right kind of oil to use on a 05 scion tC?
  136. does a scion tc push 300 whp w/ a TRD supercharger?
  137. scion tc owner's please help?
  138. Are Injen Exhausts universal for automatic and manual Scion TC 08's or is there separate ones for...
  139. Should I Turbo my car or Build it up to all Motor?
  140. Scion vehicles questions?
  141. question about the scion tc?
  142. Should I get a Scion Xd? Pricing for it?
  143. im thinking about getting a scion tc for my first car but..?
  144. Scion tC................?
  145. I'm looking for a cheap Scion Xb 05 or 06 maybe?
  146. i have sicon tc 2007 and i am in usa moving canada and want to modify my car acourding
  147. the plastic covering on my tc taillight is broken.can i buy just a new plastic cover or
  148. I have an 09 scion tC, still under warranty, and i want to turbo charge it. Has to be TRD, cost?
  149. how hard is it to remove a spoiler that has been put on a 2006 scion xb?
  150. 2007 Scion tc interior center console (surrounding automatic shifter) paint?
  152. Can you buy a new first aid kit for the 2008 Scion tC?
  153. What is the price range for a 2005 scion tc with a salvage title(rebuilt) thats around 60k...
  154. My Scion xD makes a squeal sound when i turn my wheels sharp left or right?
  155. How to get more horsepower out of a 2006 Scion xA?
  156. scion tc airbag options?
  157. 2009 Honda Fit vs. Scion xD?
  158. can you put a convertible top on a 2010 scion tc?
  159. How much, roughly, would repair on an exhaust leak cost?
  160. how much boost can a stock scion tc handle from a turbo?
  161. i have a 09 trd scion tc and i want to get some kind of forced induction what is better a...
  162. Does a module chip actually work for a car?
  163. The code po455 showed up on my 2005 scion tc..Whats the problem? oh and is it safe 4 me 2...
  164. SCION TC.....whats a good down?
  165. Scion tC tire size help, please?
  166. Exhaust mod question?
  167. Does anyone know the safety rating of a 2005 Scion xB Wagon?
  168. carbonfibertrunk somebody please help?
  169. carbon fiber stuff pleaseee help (reposted with editing)?
  170. Help me find a Scion tC in the St. Louis area for under $10,000.?
  171. Question about my 2009 Scion XB and auto locking?
  172. Can i change the engine in a scion tc?
  173. What would be the average price of car insurance for a 18 yearold driving a scion tc in Florida?
  174. what is a good way to lower a stock scion tc?
  175. I'm 6'8, and I am thinking about buying a Scion xb. Do you have any thoughts to help sway my
  176. scion tc . . . . . . .?
  177. How much should Registering a car in CA be for a Scion TC?
  178. What do you think of the Scion tC?
  179. Can i get a scion tc as fast as a 2006 Mustang Gt?
  180. How much would it cost to install a carbon fiber hood on a 09 scion tC?
  181. How much is my 08 scion tc stock pioneer stereo worth? It is in perfect condition looks brand new?
  182. What performance enhancements would you recommend for a 2010 Scion Tc?
  183. Thoughts on the new Scion xB?
  184. how much would brakes and rotors cost for a 2006 scion tc?
  185. Does a catback make my scion tc automatic sound amazing and hp go up?
  186. Scion tc front bumper spoiler? Where can I find one?
  188. 2005 Scion xB water leak on driver side? Not the AC hose.?
  189. What is the "orange box" inside the Scion xA?
  190. scion tc year difference between car and exhaust matter?
  191. paint front of 08 scion tc grill?
  192. Scion tc reviews- things to watch out for, advice, anything!?
  193. What car should I get Scion tc TRD or Honda civic SI?
  194. What Exhaust should i get for 2009 Scion tC I want a deep rumble sound. thanks?
  195. when is the scion tc gonna change its styling?
  196. What To Buy For My Scion Tc?
  197. Is a Scion tC a good car for me?
  198. turning off scion traction control?
  199. carbon fiber stuff pleaseee help?
  200. would a scion xb be a good first car for me?
  201. Toyota Scion TC, good deal?
  202. Size tire for 2006 Scion XB with 15" rims?
  203. how much will 4 new tires cost on my 07' scion tc?
  204. Has anyone added a cold air intake to a Scion XB, 2008-2010?
  205. What all do I need to install a Megan exhaust to my scion tc?
  206. Lowered 2009 Scion Tc?
  207. Are 2008 scion xb's safe?
  208. 2006 Scion tc or 2006 Honda Civic cpe?
  209. how much will it cost me if i pay scion xb 2010 cash?
  210. Is the Scion tC a good car?
  211. Are Toyotas and Scions the same, and can I expect the same reliability and durability from
  212. supercharged scion tc mt 0-60 time, and review on speed, handling, and design?
  213. Mazda3 s vs. Scion Tc (stock)?
  214. Is a Scion Tc a reliable car?
  215. I have a 2008 scion tc with a stock supercharger. it says i need to use premium gas...wat...
  216. Cold Air Intake for 2008 Scion Tc?
  217. gas mileage for scion xd?
  218. How do I change the interior dome lights in my Scion tc?
  219. can a automatic tC have a carbon fiber hood and trunk?
  220. scion tc manual transmission warranty?
  221. Just bought a Scion Tc and its lowered, how can i raise it?
  222. Scion tc gender question?
  223. what diffrences do the 2005 & 2008 scion tc have that u cant use da same Cold Air intake?
  224. does anyone know where i could get a cheap good turbo for my 07 scion tc?
  225. Question about 2009 Scion TC automatic Transmission?
  226. Can I find a Car (Toyota/Honda/Scion) with less than $10k, not salvaged, mileage
  227. Should I trade my Pontiac G5 in for a Scion Tc?
  228. Can someone please help me save $60 dollars? i need help with my scion xb?
  229. Is there any way to increase my horsepower on my Scion TC?
  230. iPod connector cable?
  231. TRD Supercharger with TRD CAI?
  232. Ok i have a scion tc 07 and im looking towards putting a turbo.?
  233. are toyota scion tc's good cars?
  234. i was thinking bout getting a scion xb but i was afraid id be called a fag and stuff driving it?
  235. Should I get a Honda Fit or Scion xD?
  236. Where can i get good BLUE LED for my Scion tc 08 (DOME LIGHT, CUBBY LIGHT, BACK DOME LIGHT)?
  237. How much would a pink scion tc cost? or to get one painted pink?
  238. Window Tint in Connecticut?
  239. Scion tC 2006 auto transmission fluid change?
  240. help to install please?
  241. will these rims fit my scion tc?
  242. I need some body work done..?
  243. Where can I find a grille like this?
  244. i want to install a LED light rod near my gas pedal and brake in my Scion TC, where do
  245. What are issues with '05 tC? it was first model year are there any problems?
  246. how do i install a TRD sports muffler to my scion tc?
  247. scion tc speaker questions?
  248. How hard is it to install a pedestal spoiler for the scion tc?
  249. new scion owner needs help?
  250. How good are Scion tC?