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  1. Toyota Posts Profit Drop, Raises Forecast
  2. U.S. clears Toyota in accelerator probe
  3. Government probe finds no defect in Toyota throttle
  4. Toyota Review Finds No Electronic Flaws in Runaway Cars
  5. Toyota's profits fall 39%
  6. U.S.: No electronic flaws in Toyota cars
  7. Govt to Release Findings of Toyota Probe
  8. Toyota sees profits drop by 39%
  9. Honda Fit overtakes Toyota Prius as best-selling vehicle in Japan
  10. UPDATE 2-Toyota Q3 op profit falls 47.6 pct, f'casts lifted
  11. Toyota Q3 op profit falls 47.6 pct, f'casts lifted
  12. Japanese Stocks Rise on U.S. Jobs, Earnings; Toyota Advances
  13. Honda Fit beats Toyota Prius to top Japan
  14. Toyota Yaris Hybrid to Debut in Geneva
  15. Honda Fit beats Toyota Prius to top Japan sales
  16. Honda Fit beats Toyota Prius to top Japan sales
  17. Nikkei Slips on Disappointing Earnings
  18. Toyota's unstoppable Land Cruiser turns 60
  19. Asian Markets Follow U.S. Earnings Higher
  20. Analyst: It's time for a Toyota Prius price drop
  21. UPDATE 1-Toyota offers buyouts to California employees
  22. Some Toyota car audio systems not working with iPhone in Australia
  23. iPhone crashes car stereos, Toyota warns
  24. Egyptian Unrest Sends Oil Prices and Asian Markets Higher
  25. Toyota stays No. 1 as Japan global brand but value drops after worldwide recalls, report shows
  26. Videos: James Lipton tries to find plural of Prius in Toyota 'Wordliness' series
  27. Zipcar gets Toyota Prius plug-ins ahead of the car's official launch
  28. Sharing Is Caring: Zipcar Offers Rides in Plug-In Prius
  29. Al Futtaim says no Toyota recall in Middle East
  30. Hyundai Kia Overtakes Ford, While G.M. Threatens Toyota in 2010 Global Sales
  31. Toyota taking "devil's advocate" approach to product development
  32. Toyota, Canon Ratings May Beat Japan After Downgrade
  33. Toyota, Canon Ratings May Beat Japan After Sovereign Downgrade
  34. Shares Surge in China as Investors Snap up Commodities
  35. Toyota Allegedly Conspired To Keep Canadian Exports Out Of US, Get A Piece Of The Class Action
  36. Toyota Recall List 2011: Models Affected by Fuel Leak Problem
  37. Toyota Recalls 1.7 Million Vehicles Over Fuel Leaks
  38. Toyota Recalls 1.7 Million Vehicles
  39. Tesla Electric SUV Coming
  40. Toyota recalling 1.7M more vehicles
  41. Toyota recalls 1.7 million vehicles for fuel leaks
  42. Toyota to recall 1.4 million vehicles
  43. Toyota teases FT-86 II concept for Geneva
  44. Toyota recalls up to 19,000 UK cars
  45. Toyota recalls 1.7 million vehicles in Japan, other countries
  46. Toyota recalling 19,000 UK cars
  47. Toyota Recalls Nearly 1.7 Million Vehicles Worldwide
  48. Toyota to Recall 1.7 Million Cars
  49. Toyota recalls 1.7m cars globally
  50. Toyota Edges General Motors as World's Largest Automaker
  51. Toyota To Open Quality Office In Denver
  52. While Toyota Is Barely Edging GM in Worldwide Unit Sales, AP Report 'Forgets' Its Revenues Are Over
  53. While Toyota Is Barely Edging GM in Worldwide Unit Sales, AP Report ‘Forgets’ Its Revenues Are 50% H
  54. Why Would The NFL Force Toyota To Pull An Ad About Protecting Players From Concussions?
  55. Report: Toyota remains world's largest automaker for third year in a row despite troubles
  56. Toyota Global Sales Up 8%
  57. Toyota holds on as top carmaker
  58. Inhabitat's Week in Green: self-sustaining airships, turbine base jumpers, and the Sahara's solar oa
  59. Toyota-based Subaru Trezia hatchback headed to Europe
  60. S&P: Toyota still flush with cash reserves
  61. Toyota And Aisin Avoiding Rare Earth Elements
  62. Ad Change Underlines Influence of N.F.L.
  63. Toyota edited ad after NFL objected
  64. Toyota settles Prius headlight lawsuit, could pay "tens of millions" without admitting wrongdoing
  65. No Longer the 'Big Three,' but Detroit's Automakers Have Stopped Shrinking
  66. Toyota to settle lawsuit over Prius headlights that shut off without warning
  67. KBB looks back at a year in the life of Toyota
  68. Judge: First Toyota lawsuits likely to go on trial in 2013
  69. NFL asks Toyota to remove clip of helmet-to-helmet hit from ad
  70. It's Not Just Toyota: Auto Recalls Accelerate
  71. NFL Urged Toyota To Remove Helemt-To-Helmet Hit From TV Ad
  72. NFL prods Toyota to edit Super Bowl ad
  73. Toyota Is Developing Electric Motors That Don’t Need Rare Earth Metals
  74. NFL asks Toyota to edit helmet-to-helmet hit out of ad [w/video]
  75. Chinese Shares Surge Along With Foreign Investments
  76. Toyota working on motors that cut rare earth use
  77. Report: Dana coughs up $25M to Toyota over rusty Tacoma frames
  78. TAS 2011: Toyota concept is the FT-86's little sister
  79. Toyota developing new type of electric motor in an effort to escape dependency on rare earth metals
  80. Toyota Developing New Cheaper Electric Motor
  81. Toyota Developing Alternative Electric Motor
  82. Toyota Developing new Electric Motor in Response to Rising Rare Mineral Costs
  83. Toyota suspends operations at Japan plants due to snow
  84. Toyota to move beyond rare earths and lithium by 2020?
  85. Xplore Adventure Series vehicles want you to see our National Parks
  86. Report: Daihatsu leaving European market
  87. Toyota launches Collaborative Safety Research Center in Michigan
  88. Toyota Tries to Break Reliance on China
  89. Toyota working on magnesium batteries for PHEVs of the not so near future
  90. EVs Encounter Condo Conundrum
  91. Video: Toyota asks, what is the plural of Prius?
  92. Report: UAW's King threatens to expose carmakers who avoid unions as "human rights violators"
  93. Review: 2011 Toyota Highlander
  94. Rumormill: Toyota considering Prius pickup
  95. RUMOR: Toyota Considering Prius Pickup….
  96. United Auto Workers Push to Unionize Foreign-Owned U.S. Auto Factories
  97. Video: Toyota asks, what is the plural of Prius?
  98. Polk: Ford owners are most loyal buyers this year
  99. Report: Toyota developing magnesium batteries as lithium alternative
  100. Toyota puts Prius C on a pedestal, we go back for more
  101. Toyota offering free LittleBigPlanet 2 content
  102. Toyota Faces Sony-Style Decline
  103. Toyota unveils new Prius hybrids
  104. Top ten most and least expensive cars to insure in 2011
  105. Rumormill: Toyota considering Prius pickup
  106. Toyota's Biggest Problem: Ho Hum Cars
  107. Toyota expands Prius car brand
  108. Toyota chief takes blame for recall woes
  109. Toyota shows off new family of Prius hybrids
  110. Detroit 2011: Toyota Prius C Concept is higher efficiency in a smaller package
  111. Prius Pickup Possible, Toyota Says
  112. Toyota debuts new Prius models, family-friendlier Prius V and funkier Prius C
  113. In Detroit, Toyota Vows to Earn Trust
  114. Detroit 2011: Toyota Prius family adds a V for volume
  115. Ford and Toyota Debut New Electric and Hybrid Vehicles in Detroit
  116. Volkswagen Unveils New U.S.-Made Passat Midsize Sedan
  117. GM's Chevy Volt Wins 'Car of the Year' at Detroit Auto Show
  118. Toyota unveils 2 new hybrids in Detroit: Prius V, Prius C
  119. Detroit 2011: Toyota Prius C Concept is higher efficiency in a smaller package
  120. Detroit 2011: Toyota Prius family adds a V for volume
  121. Detroit 2011: Toyota Prius family will grow with a smaller hatchback?
  122. Toyota Entune infotainment system hands-on (video)
  123. Entertainment Apps for Autos - The Toyota Entune Aims to Top the Ford Sync (VIDEO)
  124. THE UNKILLABLE Toyota Camry….
  125. Toyota wins $2.6-million judgment against former attorney
  126. Report: Toyota sees increased U.S. market share in 2011
  127. Rare Earths Leave Toxic Trail to Toyota Prius, Vestas Turbine
  128. Arbitrator Blows Whistle on Toyota Whistleblower
  129. Arbitrator Rules in Toyota's Favor
  130. Toyota Entune Syncs Phone To Car
  131. Pandora Radio Coming to Toyota Connected Cars
  132. Toyota Entune in-car infotainment system interfaces with your smartphone, does everything but drive
  133. Toyota Extending Subaru Product Sharing to Highlander-Tribeca
  134. Ford nearly overtakes Toyota in Consumer Reports Brand Perception Survey
  135. Toyota: Prius exhaust less harmful than sheep emissions
  136. AP: Seven insurance companies sue Toyota over unintended acceleration-related claims
  137. Detroit Carmakers Post Sales Gains as Toyota Lags
  138. "Sync Killer" Entune On-board Multimedia System Unveiled by Toyota
  139. Insurers Sue Toyota Over Acceleration Claims Costs
  140. Bing hits the road with Toyota Entune
  141. Report: Toyota tips Prius family to take #1 slot by decade's end
  142. CES 2011: Toyota Entune ready to fight Ford's SYNC... almost [w/video]
  143. Harman set to unveil multimedia system for Toyota at CES
  144. Toyota sudden-acceleration lawsuits focus on lack of brake override
  145. Ford, GM, Toyota Post India Gains
  146. Seven insurers sue Toyota over alleged sudden acceleration crashes
  147. Mocked as Uncool, the Minivan Rises Again
  148. Next Toyota Highlander to form basis for new Subaru Tribeca?
  149. Top Auto Story of 2010: State-Run Media Ignored GM Recall Issues at Toyota’s Expense
  150. Toyota's Prius marks record annual sales in Japan in 2010
  151. Volkswagen Extends Chief’s Pact
  152. Report: Chrysler Town & Country set to reclaim minivan sales crown from Honda Odyssey
  153. Video: Toyota Prius Cozy is a total stitch
  154. Report: Toyota recalls fuel massive spike in complaints to NHTSA
  155. 2010 Likely Busiest Year for Auto Recalls in Seven Years
  156. The UAW Ultimatum: Let us in or we’ll huff and we’ll puff and tear your house down…
  157. Toyota Revives Mississippi Plant, Plans Boost in U.S. Production Despite Faltering Sales
  158. Toyota, BP top list of biggest blunders in 2010
  159. Rumored Toyota FT86 logo shows off boxer heart
  160. Toyota Revives Dormant Plant
  161. KBB reveals 20 most researched cars of 2010
  162. Toyota looks set to launch two new Prius models in Detroit, one's a mystery
  163. Toyota settles fatal US crash suit
  164. Toyota to pay $10 million to crash family
  165. Toyota Prius MPV Teased Again
  166. Toyota sudden-acceleration settlement with family was worth $10 million
  167. Toyota sends four Hilux pickups across Antarctica Ã* la Top Gear
  168. Video: Toyota teases Prius MPV with skateboarder Bob Burnquist
  169. Incoming Oakland mayor arrives to find Prius booted over unpaid parking tickets - report
  170. Toyota reveals new JDM Vitz - that's Yaris to you, fellah
  171. Toyota to pay $32.4 million in extra fines
  172. Why analysts are wary of Toyota's fortunes
  173. Report: Ford looks ready to overtake Toyota for No. 2 sales position
  174. Toyota Recall: Automaker Pays Record Fine Over Acceleration Problems
  175. Toyota slapped with record penalty
  176. Toyota agrees to pay additional $32 million in fines to US government over safety defects
  177. U.S. Hits Toyota With Fine on Lapses
  178. Report: Toyota agrees to extra $32.4M in fines over recalls
  179. Toyota agrees record $32.4m fine
  180. Toyota pays $32 million to settle fines
  181. Toyota to Pay $32.4 Million in Additional Fines to U.S.
  182. Study: More new car shoppers avoiding Toyota, but brand still near top of consideration lists
  183. Toyota Vitz gets front windows with 99% UV reduction
  184. CR: Toyota Prius a better buy than Chevy Volt, for some
  185. How Cars Are Getting Fatter [Size Matters]
  186. Toyota's Latest Recall: 94,000 Sienna Minivans
  187. How Much Is a Tweet Worth? $500, Says Toyota
  188. Toyota recalling 94,000 2011 Sienna minivans over brake light bracket issue
  189. GM CEO calls Toyota Prius a 'geek-mobile,' touts Chevrolet Volt
  190. 2011 Nissan Quest minivan helps find the strip club after dropping off the kids
  191. Toyota Rush updated for 2011 with darker interior
  192. Hertz Puts Electric Cars on the Fast Track, Starting in New York
  193. Toyota Adopts Tesla Laptop Strategy for Electric Cars
  194. PSA: Toyota Prius has been Japan's top-selling car for 18 straight months
  195. Report: Toyota trimming global production goals for 2011
  196. Toyota Etios sedan unveiled for the Indian market!
  197. Toyota Etios joins India's B-car ranks
  198. Camry pedal recall prompts secondary repair, Toyota denies it's recalling a recall
  199. Toyota issues TSB repair on Avalon, Camry cars involved with gas pedal recall
  200. Ford, BMW, Toyota Took Secret Government Money [Exclusive]
  201. TOYOTA PRIUS coolant problems?…
  202. Toyota Tackling Coolant Issue in 378,000 Toyota Prius Hybrids
  203. IIHS Obvious Conclusion of the Day: Mismatched bumpers cost thousands in repairs
  204. Google Self-Driving Car Driver Breaks Law [Driverless Cars]
  205. Toyota Sues Old GM for Exiting California Joint Venture
  206. Toyota Sues Former GM
  207. Toyota says Camry recall can prompt secondary fix
  208. Car Sales Post Strong Gains, With Toyota as the Exception
  209. Car Shoppers Lured by Perception of Great Holiday Deals
  210. Toyota Adds Etios to Battle Rivals in Emerging Markets
  211. Toyota to repair 650,000 Prius models globally over coolant risk
  212. Toyota to fix heat risk in 650,000 Prius hybrids
  213. Toyota suing Old GM over shutdown of NUMMI plant?
  214. Toyota to repair 650,000 Prius models globally over coolant risk
  215. Toyota to fix 650,000 Prius hybrids
  216. Toyota fixing coolant pump in Prius, but this is not a recall
  217. Toyota to repair fault in Prius
  218. Toyota offers to fix 650,000 Prius models
  219. Toyota to replace 2004-2007 Prius water pumps
  220. Toyota fixing coolant pump in Prius globally
  221. Toyota Etios Coming Soon
  222. Chinese Building Boom and U.S. Optimism Boost Asian Shares
  223. First pickups tested using NHTSA's new crash testing system
  224. Jeep Grand Cherokee bests Toyota 4Runner in latest Consumer Reports testing
  225. First Pickup Trucks Crash-Tested by NHTSA Under New 5-Star Safety Rating System
  226. 2011 Toyota Trucks Will Meet New Towing Standards
  227. Hyundai-Kia overtakes Toyota as biggest Asian automaker in Europe
  228. Nissan Leaf Will Get Equivalent of 99 Miles Per Gallon
  229. Report: Toyota plans to add turbo, direct-injection to most of lineup
  230. Face-Off on Stocks: General Motors, Ford, Toyota [Video]
  231. AP: Judge won't dismiss Toyota unintended acceleration lawsuits
  232. What's it cost to beat Toyota? $71 billion, says VW
  233. Judge Refuses to Toss Toyota Unintended Acceleration Lawsuits
  234. Toyota Asks Federal Court to Toss Unintended Acceleration Lawsuits
  235. Toyota debuts 100 mile Tesla-powered RAV4 EV, Musk says it 'helps us with the Model S'
  236. Toyota Cites Driver Error in Car Deaths
  237. Toyota, Honda Unveil New Electric Cars
  238. Toyota accuses plaintiffs of using 'misleading information' in lawsuits
  239. Honda Fit, Toyota RAV4 Electric Models Set For 2012
  240. LA 2010: Toyota RAV4 EV, powered by Tesla, hits the stage
  241. Toyota unveils hybrid car push
  242. Tesla
  243. 2012 Toyota RAV4-EV: Take Two
  244. Chrysler Falls Behind as G.M. and Ford Recover
  245. Toyota to Sell Plug-In Hybrid in U.S., Europe, Japan
  246. E.P.A. Finds Gas Mileage Improved in ’09 Fleet
  247. Toyota to sell plug-in hybrid in U.S., Europe, Japan
  248. LA 2010: Toyota RAV4 EV, powered by Tesla, hits the stage
  249. A LOOK INSIDE THE Toyota Prius Minivan….
  250. Toyota Prius minivan's interior teased on Facebook