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  1. Anatomy of a Titanic (Sustainability, Equity, Development)
  2. Car Review: Buick LaCrosse, the Great American Lexus (Gearlog)
  3. Lexus Vehicles: 2010 Lexus ES 350 Debuts New Styling, Luxury Features and Electronics
  4. Lexus Vehicles: 2009 Lexus ES 350 Specifications and Features
  5. Lexus Vehicles: Lexus ES 350 Sedan Blurs the Line Between Entry and Prestige Luxury
  6. Lexus Vehicles: 2009 Lexus ES Chronology
  7. Toyota Vehicles: Toyota Motor Sales Announces Safety Recall Campaign
  8. Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Over Lexus Accident That Prompted Recalls (AboutLawsuits.com)
  9. NHTSA buys sudden acceleration Lexus ES 350 to test (Consumer Reports Cars Blog)
  10. Toyota sued over death of family in California Lexus ES crash (eGMCarTech)
  11. Question of the Day: 2010 Buick LaCrosse or 2009 Lexus ES? (eGMCarTech)
  12. The Really Big Suits Against Toyota Begin In Earnest (24/7 Wall St.)
  13. Damages suit (Japan Times)
  14. Cops: Speeding driver in crash that killed 4 was drunk (Chicago Breaking News)
  15. Family of Cop Killed in Crash Sues Toyota (Top Stories from Newser)
  16. Toyota to fix Avalon, RAV4 oil lines, bringing total to over 900,000 (Consumer Reports Cars Blog)
  17. Toyota offering to fix oil lines on nearly 1M six-cylinder models (Autoblog)
  18. BusinessWeek’s Scathing Review of Toyota Congressional Hearings (Tundra Headquarters Blog)
  19. U.S. to test Lexus model cited in Toyota hearings (Reuters)
  20. NHTSA to Test Lexus Vehicle, Investigate Electronics for All Automakers (KickingTires)
  21. NHTSA to test former runaway Lexus as Toyota adds safety executives (Leftlane)
  22. NHTSA Buys Famous ES 350, Congress Sends Nasty Letter, Professor Says Driving Recalled Toyotas Safer
  23. Absolute tosh (High Riser)
  24. Tears trump facts (Rondam Ramblings)
  25. Toyota Recalls: NHTSA Buys Famous 2006 Lexus ES 350 for Testing
  26. 'Possessed' Lexus Still On Road [Beige Bites Back]
  27. NHTSA to Test Lexus Vehicle, Investigate Electronics for All Automakers
  28. Toyota Cited $100 Million Savings After Limiting Recall