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  1. Does anyone know if 1999 Lexus cars play CD-R?
  2. where is no 2 knock sensor on 2000 lexus rx 300?
  3. Is the ebay is 300 turbo kit any good?
  4. Can You Explain What These Lexus Systems Are?
  5. I have a 1994 Lexus and the muffler and exhaust pipes turn red?
  6. rough ly how much would i be looking at if i wanted to change a 99 lexus sc400 to a manual...
  7. What are the sign bad iridium spark plugs?
  8. Do people really need an 8-speed automatic transmission?
  9. Should I get a 2007 Honda Accord or a 2007 Lexus Es350 as my first car (teenager).?
  11. what exact rpm do I shift at if I have a Lexus IS300 when using paddle shifting?
  12. Lexus IS300 engine light on? NEED HELP!!! Please?
  13. lexus is 250 warranty exclusions?
  14. What should a first upgrade for a 2001 Lexus IS300?
  15. i just bought a 1993 lexus sc400..i need help?
  16. New car stereo for 1998 lexus es300?
  17. How do I get a brochure from Lexus?
  18. Is the Lexus IS300 a good car?
  19. I have a lexus. How do i clean the leather seats?
  20. 2010 Luxus RX350 versus 2010 Acura MDX?
  21. Done a tune up LOST most power and torque?
  22. 2000-2002 celica or Lexus IS 300?
  23. Would buying a 1993 Lexus gs300 with 190,000 for $1300 a good idea? What should I look for when
  24. Lexus LS-F, GS-F, and IS-F convertible? What do you think?
  25. how many miles can a lexus go before you start having major problems?
  26. What do you think about this car?
  27. which has a bigger space in the back seats the lexus IS or Lexus ES !?
  28. Is a 2007 Lexus ES350 a good starting car for a teenager?
  29. What year & model Lexus has a brown leather interior?
  30. Difference in a Toyota and a Lexus?
  31. My 2000 Lexus ES300 is makes a popping noise when I step on the accelerator abruptly. Help?
  32. 2001 Lexus IS300 will not start?
  33. Sirius radio in Lexus 400h?
  34. How much to replace a timing belt on a 99-Lexus RX300?
  35. how do you disable the sound on a Lexus RX power liftgate?
  36. buying 09 lexus help needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  37. how much would it cost to paint my red 2003 lexus sc black?
  38. Is Lexus it's own car company?
  39. Is there a difference b/w 1999-2002 v6 Lexus gs300 engines?
  40. What is involved in the 100000 service for 2004 Lexus RX 330?
  41. i have a lexus is200 and i am changing the sark plug because it was missfiring.?
  42. anyone have an experience with after market windshields?
  43. Where and what fuse do I change in the ES350 Lexus 2007 for the between the seats cigarette adaptor?
  44. Do the Lexus SC430 stock rims look better without large center cap?
  45. will a 225/45/zr17 tire work on lexus is250 awd?
  46. is there a short base lexus gx470?
  47. What kind of rims would look good on a 2001 lexus es 300?
  48. I have a 2004 lexus rx330. Can it die because I left the glove box open?
  49. removing turbo from SOARER toyota/lexus SC300 and still be able to drive?
  51. I got a smokin' deal on a luxury car - pun intended! What's the best way to get rid of stale cig...
  52. I went to my local Lexus dealer to purchase an oil filter?
  53. What do you think of the new 2010 Lexus RX?
  54. What Famous People Own A Lexus?
  55. Which one Lexus, or BMW?
  56. How do you replace the alternator fuse in a 2001 Lexus?
  57. where is the starter location on a LS400 V8?
  58. Replacement subwoofer for 2002 Lexus Ls 430. what are the best options other than dealer sub.?
  59. 1991 Lexus LS400 Idle problem?
  60. would it be a bad idea to put 19' rims on a lexus gs300?
  61. 1991 Lexus LS400, information about it.?
  62. where can i find a damper for lexus ls400 1992?
  63. Why do lexus drivers have LEX licenses?
  64. what is the older model Lexus four door sedan with no numbers on the back?
  65. The Lexus IS250 Sound System/Navigation?
  66. give me your opinion lexus?
  67. What are your thoughts on Lexus ES 350?
  68. where is the switch for the trunk light lexus 330es?
  69. Which HID Xenon kit for LX570?
  70. What type of engine does a 1992 lexus ls 400?
  71. What is the average insurance cost for a 04 lexus rx 330?
  72. Which SUV is bigger, the 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser or the 2009 Lexus GX 470?
  73. which is better to drive in the snow a lexus or BMW?
  74. Does anyone like the 2010 Lexus RX?
  75. will there be a lexus 4 door convertible soon?
  76. Does the new Lexus HS hybrid have a battery that needs to be replaced every ten years or so?
  77. what's more dependable, a Maybach or Lexus LS?
  78. where is the starter location on a LS400 V8?
  79. Can I have a Lexus IS F body for a Lexus IS 250 (2009) ?
  80. would a lexus 1MZ-FE engine fit a 2001 rx300?
  81. How much does it cost to paint a 1991 Lexus LS400 Metallic Silver?
  82. Question about the Lexus LS600hl?
  83. Lexus Rx300 Headlight Sizes?
  84. DO hand brake turns work with a foot brake?
  85. Turbo charging 2002 Lexus IS300?
  86. I need advice on 95 lexus es300??? wat kind of mods can i do?
  87. how do you get in a 93 lexus LS400 trunk if the keys are locked in the trunk?
  88. what fuse can i pull for to stop an antenna in a 1992 lexus es300?
  89. what auto/semi auto sports cars are there, that are 4 seats min? i love lexus sc430 but
  90. i urgently need an ecu wiring diagram for a 1998 lexus is200 1g-fe,where can i get one?
  91. what are the differences between the 1999 lexus es 300 and 2000 lexus es 300?
  92. hi, i have to replace the 02 oxygen sensors in my lexus es 300 98. I've seen to many
  93. One of the headlight bulbs do not work on my Lexus RX350 (2007)?
  94. 95 lexus es300 check engine light on?
  95. How good is a 96-98 Lexus 300?
  96. where can I find tail light for 2001 lexus ES 300 beside going to the dealer? I searched a lot
  97. Where can I buy Lexus GX470 Airbag?
  98. why dose my car do this??? lexus sc400?
  99. Lexus is 300 air conditioning not working right?
  100. value of a Lexus is200?
  101. Any mechanics out there work on Lexus's.?
  102. Is Valet Parking, A Luxury Or Necesity?
  103. Lexus RX 450h - additional charges?
  104. is it good to put 19 inches rims on lexus is 300?
  105. are these two motors and transmissions the same!?
  106. Is it a good idea to put an intake and an exhaust in my 2002 lexus is300 it has 100,000 miles.?
  107. What cars look similar to the LEXUS RX that arent as expensive?
  108. Is owning a Lexus IS costly?
  109. Is Lexus really made by Toyota Co.?
  110. No cupholders in my 1996 Lexus ES 300?
  111. What's your favorite Lexus TV Commercial?
  112. I'm planning to buy a car.... I like Lexus Rx300..?
  113. did a tune up on my SC300, now it lost most of its power and torque, WTF?
  114. How much do you think the new Lexus LFA will cost?
  115. How long does a Lexus IS 250 last?
  116. LEXUS RX450H - want to buy soon ! please share ur buying experience !?
  117. i want to know which is more better lexus ls600hl hybrid or mercedes s class and lexus is f...
  118. What is the executive seat package in the 2007 Lexus ls?
  119. Best lease payment for Lexus GS 350 2009?
  120. will rims off of a 93 lexus es 300 fit a lexus ls400?
  121. '08' cat d lexus is220d with low mileage for a reasonable price, should i buy it?
  122. Reason NOT to buy an older Lexus?
  123. emergency entrance to trunk if keys are locked in a 93 Lexus LS400?
  124. I have a 99 Lexus RX 300, it has a navi screen but how do I find out if it has real navigation?
  125. Where is airbag module location on a 2001 lexus rx300?
  126. When I press the start button to start the car it makes a noise. Is this normal?
  127. 1999 lexus RX300 remote does not work, what is the problem?
  128. Where to find cheap parts for 2006 Lexus RX 400h?
  129. How long can i go with out changing my bearings on my 1999 Lexus GS300.?
  130. why isnt my air cold on my lexus ls400?
  131. Better Exhaust For Lexus IS 300 (serious answers only please)?
  132. BMW 328ix and Lexus 350 IS?
  133. Should I trade my Mazda 6 in for a Lexus IS 300?
  134. Power Steering hard to turn on first start! Lexus IS200 - X Reg(2000)?
  135. 2008 Brand New Lexus IS250 with Navigation Manual Transmission....how much will dealer give it...
  136. I want to replace the speakers in my 2002 Lexus RX300 but i dont know how!! Please help me out :)?
  137. Can i put a chaser front end on gs300?
  138. I have a couple of questions.....?
  139. We have a 2002 Lexus ES300 that won't start. It makes a humming-type noise when I turn the key...
  140. Would You Recommend A 1990-1992 Lexus LS400 As A First Car?
  141. Can I drive a Lexus RX330 AWD on the beach?
  142. what name said i call my Lexus GS300 1999 silver?
  143. What should I name my silver 1998 Lexus?
  144. Lexus IS250 Question about Odometer?
  145. I want to buy a Lexus Rx from 2006 to 2009.Should I buy it used or new?
  146. how do i take off the window tail light housing on 1996 lexus es 300?
  147. Lexus LS400 LCD clock and Temp Not Working?
  148. will a tire coded 205/50/R17 work on a 2007 Lesus ES350?
  149. I have a 2002 lexus IS300, Is this car equip with a charcoal canister?
  150. locating fuse for clock & CD player in Lexus is 200?
  151. Is this a good price for a 2009 Lexus IS250 AWD?
  152. How nice is the Lexus IS F?
  153. Lexus IS F question...?
  154. What kind of car is this?
  155. Can I legally protest a Lexus dealer who I believe sold me a car with scratches on it, and...
  156. What do you think of the 2010 Lexus RX?
  157. Lexus vs. Mercedes-Benz vs. Audi?
  158. Should I buy a Lexus IS 350?
  159. Lexus IS350 or IS-F Prices?
  160. When will be the next time Lexus offers a 0% percent finance offer? Also how much cheaper...
  161. can anyone tell me how to transfer your phonebook from the iphone on the lexus 400h?
  162. What do you think of a Starfire Pearl Lexus 250is with black leather and metallic finish?
  163. 1999 Lexus Gs400 shakes around 70mph?
  164. Comparing A 1998-2000 Lexus Ls 400 to a 1999-2002 Acura RL, which car is better on gas and which...
  165. 92 lexus sc300 wont accelerate properly?
  166. iPod + 1994 Lexus ES300?
  167. Will a Kicker zx750.1 overpower my 2000 Lexus Gs300's alternater?
  168. 98 lexus es300 brakes?
  169. How do you change the ignition coil for cylinder #1 on a 02 Lexus is300?
  170. How do you lower an lexus es300 1998 ? Whats the best way ?
  171. how much is lexus es330 2005 worth with 1111243 miles?
  172. Lexus GS 350? Body Style HELP!?
  173. Can a Toyota avalon ecu be used in a lexus?
  174. The Boot On My Lexus LS400 1991 Won't Open?
  175. what is appox cost to fix or replace 1999 lexus es300 transmission ?
  176. How much horsepower does a v6 2005 lexus es 330 have?
  177. Front license for 2005 Lexus GS400?
  178. Lexus 2007 es350 acting strange ever since I did something?
  179. lexus is200 cambelt when should it be replaced?
  180. Will the Front License Mounting Bracket for a 2006-2009 Lexus GS fit on a 2005 Model?
  181. is a lexus gs longer than an infiniti g35 4 door?
  182. lexus is 350 compared to lexus GS350?are they the same?
  183. 2008 Brand New Lexus IS250 with Navigation Manual Transmission....how much will dealer
  184. What size are Lexus IS 300 rims?
  185. Why would a Lexus Dealership not Certify a 07' RX w/ 24,000 miles? Does it mean that...
  186. what is the 0-60 time of a stock 1998 lexus es300?
  187. Changing Front and Rear Tires on an '08 Lexus IS 250 RWD?
  188. 2000 lexus gs300 95k miles $9000 good deal?
  189. is it so hard to believe that the new 2010 buick lacrosse is better than the lexus es 350? so...
  190. can you put a turbo on a lexus is300 without changing the transmission?
  191. i just leased a 2009 lexus is250 w/ the luxury package for $400 a month and $1500 down is that a...
  192. Lexus questions????????????
  193. How is Lexus going to redesign the IS 250 and 350 next year with the convertible versions coming...
  194. My boss drives a 2009 Lexus GS Sedan?
  195. I want a Lexus RX is it a good car?
  196. OK what car should i get i am ?
  197. Is a Lexus a good car?
  198. Is Lexus IS300 a good first car?
  199. Nice 2 door luxury cars?
  200. what is the best lexus i can get for $15,000?
  201. Any information on 2010 Lexus GX?
  202. who make lexus car and infiniti?
  203. How many seats does a Lexus SUV have?
  204. When will the lexus IS be redisigned?
  205. Is 144,000 miles for a Lexus RX 300 good?
  206. 96 Sc400 A/C problem?
  207. Ihave a lexus gs 300 2002 that vibrates at 60-65 miles what can be wrong ?
  208. Are Lexus vehicles automatically assigned plates beginning with LEX?
  209. What is the dealer invoive price of the 2010 Lexus IS 250 and 350 convertible? How cheap and
  210. How do i fit my lexus light to my 206?
  211. How much is it to get a spare Lexus Key?
  212. lexus is250 warranty service?
  213. Im looking to put forced induction into my lexus is300, what do i need to do?
  214. Lexus IS 250 Right side mirror? Nothing is wrong witht he car, only the mirror itself came out
  215. 1998 Lexus LX 470 Problem?
  216. Lexus without cup holders?
  217. i lost my lexus car key,and maybe somebody found it and open my car without permission...
  218. Does anyone know the best place to buy a used Lexus?
  219. how long 1993 lexus sc400 will last?
  220. Do you think a Lexus accelerate smoother then a Toyota ?
  221. Can you put regular gas in a 2009 Lexus IS?
  222. HELP ME PICK A CAR: Here are the choices, I MU!ST make a decision Monday?
  223. Lowering a 1999 Lexus LS400?
  224. How do I activate cruise control on a P reg Lexus GS300? Never used Cruise before and have no...
  225. my rear side marker on my lexus IS 250 is cracked? how much is this to fix?
  226. lexus is250 engine shake?
  227. Lexus GS430 SPORT ? How is it?
  228. Is a 1995 Lexus gs300 a good car?
  229. i am concidering getting a 01-05 lexus is 300?
  230. Lexus SC300 VS SC400 .. SPECS!!!?
  231. Does a Lexus LX 470 US SPECS have a fridge ? ( 2003 model and above)?
  232. i have a stock 2001 lexus is300, any tips on increasing power and performance?
  233. Can I use the octane booster on 2009 Lexus IS350?
  234. Should I buy - 1997 Lexus ES 300?
  235. I have a 1992 lexus es300 my back tires are locked, how do i get them unlocked?
  236. What coolant type does 2002 Lexus sc430 use? Green or Orange Dexcool?
  237. im looking for the location of the window relay in a 95 lexus es300 please help?
  238. What is the bast turbo kit for the Lexus SC300?
  239. I have a 2002 lexus gs 300 having problems when it goes 60-65 miles it vibrates alot
  240. Do the cops know if the lexus in front my freinds house looks like my old lexus?
  241. how do i replace the steering rack on a 1990 lexus ls400?
  242. Does Lexus IS model come with AUX input?
  243. Lexus GS 2006 Headlight Assembly - RH?
  244. I am looking into a new car, would there be a big difference in manitenance between
  245. How would you know if your toyota/lexus has a vvti engine?
  246. Why am I getting fault codes 25 and 26, Air fuel ratio is too lean AND rich on my Lexus...
  247. What is the song on the Lexus RX commercial called?
  248. How much horsepower would a weapon r intake give a es300?
  249. lexus wheel alignment under warrenty?
  250. buying lexus ls430 2005, is it a good option?