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  1. what is the difference between a lexus is350 and a lexus is250?
  2. in the 2002 model of the lexus is300, is the motor thats in it a 1jz or 2jz?
  3. is the 2008 es 350 lexus on recall list?
  4. can i fight a v8 lexus or v8 toyota engine fit into a 96 lexus es300?
  5. Where can I find Lexus x-package wheels?
  6. would a lexus SC430 be good in the snow? please help, don't know much about cars.?
  7. Is 8200 an acceptable price for a private seller to ask for a 2000 Lexus GS with 165k miles on it?
  8. how to change 2007 Lexus IS250 Side View Mirror?
  9. Lexus i s300 tune up help?
  10. Does anyone know how to contact the Employees of Lexus at the Cleveland Auto Show?
  11. Has Lexus beaten merc and bimer and audi?
  12. Is the Lexus LFA a failure?
  13. Trying to decide between a 2007 Acura TL, Lexus IS 250, Mercedes C280, Infiniti G37X?
  14. where do i find out where to find the price on parts of a 1994 Lexus es300?
  15. Lexus ES300 is making a brief knocking noise after I rev the engine? Any ideas?
  16. Which fuse is the lighter fuse on a 2003 lexus 300 is?
  17. Lexus IS200 true market value?
  18. where can i get a turbo for an IS 250 lexus?
  19. My '97 Lexus LS400 back shocks deflate sometimes when I turn the car off. Anyone heard of this
  20. My 94 Lexus es 300 keeps overheating..?
  21. do you think that the lexus GX470 is out of style.?
  23. i have 2000 toyota lexus and it wont start if i put the obd computer inn it turns on but
  24. my alarm wont go off on my 1995 lexus es300?
  25. who are the experts needed in making a new model of car?
  26. Does lexus keep the outer shell to your side view mirror in stock?
  27. I would like to have the life for Lexus RX 350. Is it based on number of years of number of miles.?
  28. in 2007 it was discoverd that some lexus owers in ohio were exeriencing unintended acceleration...
  29. How do i replace the fog light bulb on my IS300?
  30. 1993 lexus gs300 2jz supra swap?
  31. 1997 ES300 Lexus Warning Lights?
  32. brand name exhaust modifying?
  33. What is this? 2004 is300 under the hood?
  34. Subs On an 07 Lexus Gs?
  35. how do you replace the mirror/glass in your side view mirror-lexus IS250?
  36. 2008 Lexus ES350 question?
  37. Has anyone put 22" rims on a Lexus ES 350? If so, what tires are best to use and did you have to...
  38. anyone willing to swap 2010 lexus rx350 factory rims?
  39. gx460 or rx450h which one is a better buy?
  40. How do I change the front turn signal bulb in my 1999 Lexus RX 300?
  41. how much will it cost to replace a cracked mirror and cover on a lexus IS250?
  42. Can A brake master cylinder just suddenly fail?
  43. What years was the Lexus LS redesigned?
  44. Have you had any problems with your Lexus LS600hl?
  45. changed water pump on 94 Lexus sc400; now it won't start?
  46. Anybody know if the maintenance fees are above average for a 1992 Lexus ES 300?
  47. 2001 Lexus IS300 engine question?
  48. 2010 Lexus RX 350 interior without navigation?
  49. What does it take to stop a runaway Lexus?
  50. What is likely wrong with my car? 92' SC400 Lexus?
  51. 2001/02' Lexus is300 or 2004/05' Acura tsx?
  52. Lexus model Smart Access start engine?
  53. I have a 2001 Lexus RX300, I need to replace it. Does anyone know the part number of the
  54. What is the earliest edition of the Lexus IS300?
  55. do you think lexus dealer would be interested to swap my rims?
  56. How to turn off a 2008 Lexus ES350 that is in motion?
  57. Make lexus is350 faster?
  58. Lexus RX 450H all wheel or 2 wheel?
  59. Would a Lexus be a good first car?
  60. Have a 2003 Lexus ES with 18K miles. Owners manual suggests changing timing belt due to age. ...
  61. What kind of Lexus car is this?
  62. 2001 LEXUS IS 300 - program so that way the remote works.?
  63. can i get rid of my lexus lease if i had the accelerator pedal problem? I was told it was the
  64. Should i get the IS250 or IS350 ?
  65. how much is it for heads or a lexus?
  66. What can i do to make my Lexus ES300 better as in looks and being "Gangster"?
  67. Is the accelerator on 1990 Lexus LS 400 the same as the recall?
  68. which is better the lexus lfa or the corvette zr1?
  69. Have a 2003 Lexus ES with 18K miles. Owners manual suggests changing timing belt due to age.
  70. Is the accelerator on 1990 Lexus LS 400 the same as the recall?
  71. What kind of Lexus car is this?
  72. 2001 LEXUS IS 300 - program so that way the remote works.?
  73. can i get rid of my lexus lease if i had the accelerator pedal problem? I was told it was...
  74. Should i get the IS250 or IS350 ?
  75. How to turn off a 2008 Lexus ES350 that is in motion?
  76. how much is it for heads or a lexus?
  77. Make lexus is350 faster?
  78. Lexus RX 450H all wheel or 2 wheel?
  79. Would a Lexus be a good first car?
  80. will lexus be able to beat the germans cars?
  81. lexus is300.. 140 mph. how fast can you go?
  82. Lexus LS430 Life Expectancy?
  83. 17 year old driving a 2006 Lexus LS 430?
  84. Has any one done this job (water pump) on lexus 2002 RX300?
  85. All Lexus IS300 Owners?
  86. What does the Comfort/Sport switch do in the Lexus ES 300 year 1998?
  87. A Lexus is "Like Sitting in warm wall paper pastes"? What's it mean?
  88. what are some good luxury cars for a first time car owner?
  89. 1994 Lexus ES300, down shifting problem.(automatic Transmission)?
  90. My 2004 Lexus RX 330 is losing power while driving?
  91. what would u say the price for a used 2006 lexus gs with 100,000 mileage in summer of 2011?
  92. Is the Lexus IS300 a good car?
  93. 1992 Lexus LS400 throttle body stuck open, how can this be fixed?
  94. Lexus IS350 vs BMW 335i?
  95. Do you think $4900 Is a good buy for a 1996 Lexus LS 400 in good condition and with black
  96. Hi every1 , i need the lexus, japan head office contact details. its really urgent?
  97. is it true that lexus is bringing a supercar to america?
  98. A 2003 Lexus SC 430 for a teenager?
  99. If I were to get a Lexus RX 300 as my first car would there be any risks of getting it stolen at...
  100. Cost of Lexus IS 350?
  101. A 2006 lexus Is250, or a 2007 benz c230?
  102. Do 99-03 Lexus RX300s have a navigation system built in?
  103. Fujita Intake? Lexus IS350 2006?
  104. lexus IS250 engine shake?
  105. Team name for a Lexus company summer outing assigned to Yellow Group?
  106. Has anyone ever had problems with their Lexus RX300 (or another model) - especially with...
  107. Looking for a nice looking body kit for a 1997 Lexus es300?
  108. Is dropping a 6-speed M/T smart move for a lexus GS300 1999?
  109. AC Light Blinking for Lexus ES 300?
  110. Lexus RX300 99 Brake Fluid contaminated?!?
  111. My grandpa wants to give me his old lexus es 300, and i like it... but can i renew it so it can
  112. Lexus RX300 (2000) transmission question?
  113. Whats the average cost of owning a Lexus 99 as far as maintenance goes?
  114. Do you have to use premium gas in a Lexus is 300 or any car that requires premium gas?
  115. Is the 2003 Lexus IS250 or IS300 good first car?
  116. is a lexus rx330 a girls car?
  117. Replacing Oxygen sensor(s) in Lexus ES300 1996?
  118. Is a 1998-2005 Lexus Gs300, Gs400, Gs430 really good?
  119. Bmw 330xi vs Lexus is250?
  120. Why do people buy Japanese Luxury cars? They are just cheap imitations of Germans.?
  121. What about a turbo in a Lexus ES 300?
  122. Do girls like guys who drive Lexus or BMW ?
  123. Who is selling an 2001 lexus is300?
  124. What are the pros and cons of a Lexus IS 250?
  125. Which has quieter cabin when driving Lexus IS250 or BMW 325Ci current model?
  126. How much would my 1998 Lexus LX470 sell for?
  127. What do I actually need to do for the 30000 mile service on my 2007 Lexus ES350?
  128. I want to change my 96 Lexus es300 from automatic to manual transmission.What transmission do i
  129. Use the trailing hitch on 1999 Lexus RX300 on 2001 Lexus RX300?
  130. 1999 lexus gs 400?????????
  131. How much does it cost lexus to make a gs 350 preowned?
  132. whats the difference between lexus gx470 and lexus lx470?
  133. 2002 Lexus IS 300 fast?
  134. im looking in to getting a 2003 lexus is300?
  135. lexus ls 400 oil light?
  136. Where is the AUX input in a 2004 Lexus GX470?
  137. what rim will fit a 1990 lexus will toyoda?
  138. lexus 09 es350 deal in denver ???????????????????????????
  139. do you have to change tires on a Lexus ls430 every winter from summer to winter tires?
  140. where can i find a wide body kit for a lexus is350?
  142. starting problem for 2000 LEXUS?
  143. SUV cars......helppppppppp?
  144. Is a 2001 Lexus ES 300 a good first car?
  145. what kind of fuel does the lexus lx 470 use?
  146. For Lexus owners: Is it expensive to maintain a Lexus?
  147. Does Lexus use the same failure-prone sensors e.g. wheel speed, ABS, DSC as Mercedes, BMW and Audi?
  148. Is a jdm motor for my 95 lexus ls400 a good decision?
  149. how much horsepower will my 93 lexus sc300 gain once i install my jic twin spartan
  150. How often must the battery be changed on a new Lexus RX 450 hybrid?
  151. Are there any Lexus ES 350 drivers out there?
  152. What Car? Lexus SC, Jaguar XK, Others?
  153. Please help! How to refill up differential oil for 2002 lexus rx300.?
  154. check engine light 1998 lexus gs400 w 85k....great shape?
  155. What is the horsepower of a Lexus LS 460?
  156. Premium gas only for lexus?
  157. My parents arent convienced that a is250 is a good car because.....?
  158. What is a nice luxury car with 300+ HP, preferably sporty?
  159. Why are used lexus is300 or lexus is250 hard to find in michigan?
  160. How do you update the GPS in an Rx300?
  161. 1990 lexus will not start, not the starter or relay, what else is left to troubleshoot?
  162. Where would the Rom be for a 1994 lexus? I was told it was in the trunk but where and what does
  163. Where is the Oil Filter for a 2009 Lexus LX 570?
  164. middle console where i chance gears, lights are intermittent when lights are off brake...
  165. I cannot ignite my 2007 lexus is250, can someone help me please?
  166. What type of rims are on this Lexus IS250?
  167. how to reset radio after battery has been disconnected in my lexus?
  168. does 2006 lexus is205 have real time traffic built-in to its navigation?
  169. What is the average cost for 2002 Lexus ES on the 90K scheduled? Also the same for
  170. How do I fix my Lexus LS400 Air Suspension Problem?
  171. how much does the lexus run(cost) since the millenium started?
  172. What mileages does a Lexus transmission typically break down?
  173. How much should a '09 Leus GX470 cost?
  174. where can i find a replacement headlight assembly for a 2004 lexus sc430?
  175. My car died again (update)?
  176. i have a 2005 lexus rx330, i need to rotate the tires, can i do this myself even though it has TPMS?
  177. 2009 lexus is250 light bulb?
  178. 2001 lexus is300 with a bad transmission for $7800, is it worth buying it?
  179. is it too late to add forced induction? (lexus is300)?
  180. What about the Lexus SC 430? Compared to LS430?
  181. What is the top Speed of a IS 250?
  182. Will Lexus es 300 seats fit into a camry?
  183. Who can help me out with this Lexus?
  184. 1998 lexus sc300 with $10,000 or 2006 evo?
  185. how much is another key for a lexus is250?
  186. How do you change a fuel pump on a 92 lexus sc400?
  187. Why do Lexus and Mercedes People Fight All the time?
  188. I am in the process of buying a 2001 Lexus gs300 99,000 miles for about $9000 with clean Car Fax,
  189. what is the name of this color?
  190. What About the Lexus LS600h.?
  191. lexus Lx470..... good car?
  192. Whats the max horsepower for a lexus sc400 and a sc300!?
  193. What type of Oil should i use for a 2003 lexus is 300?
  194. Which Lexus sports car do you like / should I buy?
  195. Which car is better and why. CTS, Lexus IS, Maxima w/ Sport pkg?
  196. Is the lexus IS300 a frontwheel drive?
  197. what is the best first car for a 18 year old?
  198. Should I buy a 2009 Jeep Liberty or 2003/2004 Lexus GX470?
  199. Does anyone else find the 2010 Lexus RX ugly?
  200. Lexus is250 or Acura TL?
  201. Is the Lexus LX worth the money?
  202. how much is a lexus oil change?
  203. Why do people put down Lexus?
  204. I want a Lexus RX is it a good car?
  205. Lexus SUV Classical Song?
  206. Lexus recent commercial?
  207. what do you think about Lexus IS ? is it worth it!!!?
  208. Aftermarket Stereo System for a 1999 Lexus ES 300??? PLEASE HELP!?!?
  209. How to PIMP out a 1999 Lexus ES 300??? Not too expensive!!! PLEASE!!!?
  210. Do 2006 lexus IS rims fit on a 1997 lexus ES300 ?
  211. Does anyone have a fuse box diagram for a 1990 Lexus LS400?
  212. What Flowmaster Exhaust is easily compatible with 1999 Lexus ES 300?
  213. When will the Lexus IS250 2010 be released?
  214. What is this sticker behind my rearview mirror with microchips?!?
  215. lexus warranty service?
  216. 1999 lexus with 70000 miles for 9500$$ SHOULD I DO IT?
  217. Amount of paint needed to paint Lexus LS400?
  218. What size brake lines do I need for a Lexus SC300? My son can't find it anywhere.?
  219. What makes the bumpers of the 1998 Lexus RX 300 is strong?
  220. How often does a 2007 Lexus IS 250 with different tires needs wheel alignment and balancing?
  221. Replacing washer fulid tank in lexus rx300?
  222. lexus sc300 with 10 grand/ or 2006 Mitsubishi evo mr?
  223. what do you think about getting a 2001 lexus rx300 with 110500 miles?
  224. Does the Lexus RX 350 or 450h have dual exhaust?
  225. why do the British think that sitting in a lexus is like sitting in a tub filled with wallpaper
  226. What is a cool slogan for the Lexus HS250 ?
  227. what kind of car should i steal tonight? lol?
  228. wat company make lexus cars?
  229. which is better Lexus or Bmw?
  230. 2005 Lexus is300 for $19k?
  231. 2006 is250 multiple warning lights came on?
  232. Lexus 1992-1996 es300 engine swap?
  233. why does the latest lexus gs model have little squares on the front and rear bumpers?
  234. can n e 1 tell me how/ where to diagnos/ trouble shoot '92 lexus?
  235. Lexus Update DVD Question?
  236. 1998 Lexus GS300 Key-Off Battery Drain?
  237. i have a 2006 lexus gs 430. can someone tell me how to re-set the oil maint req light?
  238. I drive a '99 Lexus RX300, and my rear right speaker blew out. How much will it cost to...
  239. i have a 91 400Ls lexus it runs for a few minutes and shuts off what is the problem?
  240. Crashed my lexus rx300. How much to fix a bumper?
  241. How do I program my remote so that ALL the door locks open when I touch the door handle
  242. POLL: For Lexus - RX 300-330 car owners!?
  243. i need to rent a cadillac escalade or lexus suv for my boss in puerto rico?
  244. Lexus intake help!! Urgent!!! Need to get running?
  245. Can someone please explain the Lexus "Live A Little, A Lot" commercial?
  246. How do you start a lexus that doesn't have push on button?
  247. What is the cheapest a lexus can cost? i mean the Is class. How much can you haggle for it?
  248. Who owns a Lexus IS300?
  249. Need help changing spark plugs for Lexus IS 300!?
  250. 1998 Lexus ES 3000. Good car ?