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  1. 1992 Lexus LS400, AC repaired 13 mths ago, out again. Is charged & cIutch engages. Is this common?
  2. what is the difference between lexus GS 300/430 and lexus GS 450h?
  3. How should I customize my Lexus IS 250.?
  4. impreza rs vs lexus is300?
  5. i drive a lexus gs 400 ,1998 how often do u need to change the oil and filter?
  6. A question about mileage?
  7. What is a car similar to the Lexus GX?
  8. Mercedes ML vs. Lexus RX?
  9. Poll: Lexus or Mercedes?
  10. Is it weird for a 17 year old girl to drive an Lexus RX 350?
  11. Does the lexus soarer/sc400 come in black?
  12. which car is better ? A Lexus IS350 or BMW 135i ? both new !?
  13. Can a newer Lexus Navigation SYSTEM be installed on older vehicle?
  14. Lexus GS 07 vs. BMW X3 08?
  15. Is Lexus a good choice as a car? Is it less maintenance?
  16. Would you consider Acura to be a luxury car in the same sense as a Lexus, Infiniti, BMW,
  17. Best tire for aftermarket 20" rim 06 lexus gs430 also...?
  18. Is it possible to put in an aftermarket head unit in my 1999 lexus rx300?
  19. 1999 lexus es 300 star problem.?
  20. Where to buy Lexus RX330 rear view camera replacement?
  21. lexus is300 or infiniti i30?
  22. I have a lexus sc 300 and when i let off the accelerator, and then pushDown on it...
  23. thinking of buying a 92 Lexus Es300 does any one have any experience with this car?
  24. Where (online) can I find a Vacuum line diagram for a 93 Lexus GS 300?
  25. Lexus repair (IS250)?
  26. I am looking a foof spoiler & a lip for a 2004 lexus es 330 can anyone help me find out?
  27. Do 2007 Lexus come standard with built in tracking?
  28. Where is the factory amp located in a '96 Lexus ES300?
  29. distance of a transponder key for lexus 250is car?
  30. Lexus is250, 2JZ, AWD stick/manual conversion possible?....asking tuners.?
  31. Which car is faster, Lexus SC 300 or Toyota Soarer Trubo?
  32. what type of LUXURY SUV is the best?
  33. 2001 lexus is300 vs. 2003 mercedes benz c230?
  34. What is the cheapest price I can get for a 2008 Lexus IS 250 with 12K miles?
  35. Rx-7 or Lexus IS300 which one should I get?
  36. Which has better gas mileage, mercedes sports car or lexus sports car?
  37. Why does BMW copy the Lexus LS design?
  38. which is bigger the 07 camry or the lexus es350 ? and which is better ?
  39. make my lexus is300 a little faster?
  40. Lexus SC300 molded carpet?
  41. How much negotiating room is there on a used Lexus IS250?
  42. What is the av. max distance a Lexus IS200 achieves before it becomes unusable?
  43. How to unlock 2007 gx 470 lexus navigation system?
  44. lexus IS250 dashboard noise?
  45. Lexus GS300 & GS400 which one is better in fuel saving?
  46. What are the biggest size tire and rim I can put on a 1998-2005 lexus GS300?
  47. does lexus es300 have a built-in kill switch?
  48. Fair price for used Lexus's?
  49. What is the difference between an ES350 and a IS350/GS350?
  50. Looking at a 1995 Lexus es300?
  51. How much negotiating room is there on a used Lexus IS250?
  52. Can I get a GPS installed into my 2001 Lexus RX?
  53. how much does it cost to update the navi on a 2002 sc430?
  54. 2009 Acura TL vs. 2009 Lexus IS250?
  55. how do i take out airbags from my lexus 2006 is 250?
  56. What Lexus car today uses the bright white license plate lamps?
  57. Which One?? The New Lexus LX 570, Land Rover LR4, or Audi Q7?
  58. 2002 lexus es300 wont start?
  59. How to change a water pump on a lexus RX300 2002 model?
  60. lexus IS250 headlight?
  61. What is the difference between the Lexus IS 300 models each year?
  62. anyone know how to get rid of oil maintenance light E330 lexus?
  63. What color should I get for a Lexus IS 350?
  64. Which is the flashiest in order: Lexus, Mercedes, or BMW?
  65. questions on buying this lexus is300?
  66. Is maintenance on a 2006 Lexus IS250 quite costly?
  67. If i go to a car company website, example Lexus or BMW, are the PDF brochures i ask to get free?
  68. I have a Lexus ES 300 and am having trouble changing the tire..any help?
  69. Should I buy this car?
  70. what are the problems i can expect from a used 04 is300?
  71. Whats the difference between the Lexus Is & the Infiniti G35 Sedan?
  72. my 96 lexus es 300 driving slow hard to pick up the gas?
  73. what is the value of my lexus 1993 es300?
  74. How do you release the emergency break in a lexus rx car?
  75. f sport intake system for lexus?
  76. How do I remove the badges on my 97 Lexus Sc300?
  77. 2001 lexus IS300 car rims?
  78. When will the 2010 Lexus RX350 be available in south florida dealers?
  79. why does a vsc light comes on on my lexus 470 gx truck?
  80. How would I rev a 2002 Lexus Rx300? ?
  81. CD help with lexus gs 300 1998 series?
  82. Whats a good reliable car for a teen?
  83. Where can i find 2007 rx350 owners manual guide book?
  84. Will 20X8.5 114.3 wheels fit a Lexus ES330 2004 ?
  85. Lexus is IS 250 sunroof doesn't close?
  86. lexus ls 400 mirror removal?
  87. Nav hold switch on autopilot?
  88. Throttle problem with my Lexus?
  89. I have a 2001 lexus is300?
  90. what is the best maintanace practice on my 1994 Lexus?
  91. why did Lexus stopped making is300's?
  92. Will stock is300 rims fit a 2000 camaro? is300 rims are 17x7 and have a +50mm offset?
  93. wanna have info. on the lexus IS 2009?
  94. Considering 96 LS400 or 98 ES300?
  95. Lexus lineup for 2005?
  96. Power steering fluid for 1997 Lexus LS400?
  97. Remove a dirt stain from the headliner of a 2009 LEXUS IS?
  98. What type of speed governor is on the IS300?
  99. Theres this car commercial, lexus maybe? Song?
  100. Lexus GS300 Nakamichi Radio Replacement?
  101. How do you start a lexus with the remote engine starter?
  103. what should i be paying for a lexus is200?
  104. how much would it cost to run a Lexus IS200.?
  105. how much horsepower does the lexus is300 have 2001?
  106. My Lexus security system doesn't function properly. Anyone know why?
  107. does anyone know how much 2002 lexus gs300s were going for in 2008?
  108. Which one should i get? a used 05 murano or lexus rx330?
  109. I have a 2001 Lexus GS300 Both the check engine and VSC lights came on recently Help!?
  110. Acura MDX, I had heard they were the best SUV, now that I have rode in one - a 2004
  111. how to raise a lexus for rims?
  112. best color on a 2006 lexus is250?
  113. Does the AMERICAN versions of the Lexus GS300 AND IS300 AND SC300 really have a 2jz?
  114. Lexus 570, Cadallic Esclade, Bmw which is the best one to get?
  115. Lexus IS300 or 2006 Subaru WRX?
  116. replacing 2002 lexus gs430 key?
  117. buying a lexus is300?
  118. Can a Lexus Sc430 drift?
  119. i want to put a turbo on ny Lexus let me know what i need to do?
  120. Ho many miles should I expect to get out of my 2002 Lexus RX300?
  121. Is the Lexus LF-A a good car?
  122. Which is a better car? A Pontiac Solstice or a Lexus IS250 and which would you rather own?
  123. Power steering & A/C out, car overheating... pieces of broken belt found in engine?
  124. Do you think Lexus IS300's are rice?
  125. How do you release the emergency break in a lexus rx car?
  126. if i get 20x8.5 and 20x9.5 rims for a 2005 Lexus GS430, what size tires do i get?
  127. Can my Lexus IS200 be modifyed?
  128. Is a 1999 Lexus IS 250 a good car for my 18 year old (girl?)?
  129. How can I paint my Lexus IS250 emblems black pearl?
  130. where in massachusetts can i get my rims dipped for a lexus suv?
  131. In Dash CD Changer for 1996 Lexus ES300?
  132. On a '99 lexus rx300, how reset "ck engn" lite? I fixed prob, but lite still on.?
  133. does anyone know where to get a lexus gs300 c-one grill?
  134. Used 2004 or 2005 Lexus?
  135. 22 inch rims on a Lexus ES 300?
  136. how do i talk my mom out of getting an SUV (2010 lexus rx 350)?
  137. Does anybody know what this track is called on the new lexus rx commercial?
  138. i have a 2001 lexus is300?
  139. How much room is in the back (cargo area) of the Lexus LX570 when the 3rd row seats are up?
  140. es300 lexus. how to tell if it needs a tune up...?
  141. history on lexus rx 300 with vin JT6HF10U6Y0139479?
  142. rx300 transmission rebuild?
  143. Air Runners for Lexus IS250?
  144. How much does a tune-up for a 1994 Lexus ES300 run?
  145. 1jzgte Swap on Sc 300?
  146. how long does it take to install a stater in a lexus ls400 1999/ls43o ?
  147. 93 lexus es300 code p1600?
  148. 1jzgte Swap on Sc 300?
  149. how long does it take to install a stater in a lexus ls400 1999/ls43o ?
  150. Will A Supra Or IS Exhaust Fit On My Lexus?
  151. about a lexus battery.?1?
  152. how can i change my turn signal bulb in a 1999 lexus es 300?
  153. what size rims is good for my 2005 lexus gs430?
  154. Bought a used 2002 Lexus ?
  155. im trying to make my lexus es300 a little faster what is the cheapest way to supe a automatic ?
  156. Whats faster: Lexus GS400 or Maxima GLE?
  157. How much does Lexus RX 2004 cost in the united states?
  158. give me the informations of new luxury car?
  159. Wha would cause my brake light to come on 99 lexus rx 300?
  160. Lexus Is Coupe and Convertible?
  161. i have a 2001 lexus es 300, how much would a tune up cost?
  162. What is the best Lexus to mod/tune?
  163. Will a 96 Avalon catalytic converter work on a 94 Lexus ES300?
  164. In a Lexus RX Car, if the display shows "BREAK" what does it mean?
  165. Lexus 01' GS300 or 01' IS300?
  166. Lowered Springs Can anyone help me Plz ? lexus is200?
  167. Can I fit 24's on a 1997 Lexus 450?....?
  168. how do i change lexus is200 springs 1999 model ?
  169. how to open dash on 2000 lexus ls400?
  170. I have a 1999 lexus es300 with dtc p1354?
  171. Detailed question about Lexus dealer programmable settings?
  172. are rear window power sunshades and memory seats common on 2007- 2008 lexus is250s?
  173. what is the difference between the LEXUS is 200 S MODEL and SE model?
  174. Altezza V Lexus: Does anyone know why they created such a similar looking car?
  175. How fast is the acceleration with VSC off and power on in a Lexus LS400?
  176. HELP!!! Im pretty much mechanics illiterate!?
  177. im getting a lexus is300 and i wanted to know how good of a car they are?
  178. umm wat luxury car should i get?
  179. Is a lexus RX300 a good used car to buy?
  180. Lexus LS400 Towbar??????????????
  181. How long does a Lexus IS300 run for?
  182. a/c issue on 1990 lexus ls400?
  183. What is the difference between a Lexus IS200 and Lexus IS300?
  184. I have a 2001 lexus is300?
  185. Lexus fuel economy question?
  186. How do you delete the mileage on a LEXUS 2001 is300.?
  187. How reliable are lexus cars? RX330?
  188. How to restart the computer of a Lexus RX350 2008?
  189. Second car choices: 05 Toyota Corolla S or Lexus IS300?
  190. i am buying a Lexus RX 330 for 4000 dollars, do you think its a good bet?
  191. luxury cars .. help !!!?
  192. I m a lover of luxurious cars. Should i go for the Lexus LX570?
  193. What is the miles per gallon of a 1993 Lexus ES 300..?
  194. Which car is better 1993 Acura Legend or 1993 Lexus Es300... ? ?
  195. 1992 lexus sc 400. Parking Light problems?
  196. Does the 92 lexus LS400 have a cabin or pollen filter? ?
  197. Any ideas on what I can do to my is250?
  198. 1993 Lexus ES300 transmission problems!?
  199. What causes an automatic transmission to slip and then not go into drive but it will go in reverse?
  200. What year Lexus IS300's come with tiptronic?
  201. My 1991 Lexus Es250 will not start?
  202. How do I replace a thermostat in my 1992 Lexus es300?
  203. why is my 98 Lexus ES 300 spitting out oil everywhere and smoke is coming out from under the hood?
  204. Questions about the lexus IS?
  205. Lost keys for LEXUS GS300?
  206. What are the stock speaker sizes for a Lexus ES300?
  207. Lexus Sc300 battery light on?
  208. How much should I ask for a 2002 Lexus 300 RX to be lowered?
  209. I just recently purchased a pre-certified 06 Lexus LS 430 - does this car have XM satellite radio...
  210. How many miles can a 2002 lexus is300 go for?
  211. full size luxury suv?
  212. What do you think of the 2006 lexus is250?
  213. Can you put 22s on a 1996 Lexus ES300?
  214. Get answers from millions of real people.?
  215. 2002 lexus es300 Air Filter?
  216. what happens when you dont use prem. gas for cars like lexus GS?
  217. 1994 Lexus ES300 making popping noise?
  218. How do you get a jack out of a Lexus GX470?
  219. lexus sc300 engine swaps?
  220. blown Lighter fuse in the lexus ls400.?
  221. How many miles does your Lexus SC400 have on it?
  222. Lexus IS 250 AWD tire blow out question?
  223. reset TRAC OFF 1998 Lexus ES300?
  224. How do i get the best acceleration in a 2006 Lexus Gs300 RWD?
  225. $400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  226. Can anyone recommend a good parking sensor for a Lexus?
  227. what does it take to put 22" rims on a 95 lexus ls400? what would you have to do (detailed)?
  228. When do you first have to change the brake pads on a 2007 Lexus ES350. Was it the front or...
  229. What are 2009 Lexus RX350s going for now?
  230. how often do you change the timing belt on a lexus IS200?
  231. help how come my lexus gs300 will not shift from parking after jumping the battery?
  232. is250 AWD manual. What year would that be?
  233. can i install oem navigation on lexus es 350?
  234. Is this too many miles for a lexus????
  235. Is the Lexus IS 250 AWD good in snow?
  236. does a lexus IS200 have a timing chain or belt?
  237. Lexus RX 330 or Infiniti G35?
  238. should i keep my gs300 or get an is350?
  239. What is a decent cheap Lexus to look into for no more than $4,000?
  240. Which make is better, Lexus(luxurious version of Toyota), or Chevrolet? In Mechanical
  241. Replacing wiper wash tank in Lexus RX?
  242. 1999 Lexus ES 300 with 161,000?
  243. How can I get the on-board computer of a 2000 Lexus RX300 to use metric units in the data...
  244. I just bought a 1993 Lexus Es300..Some of my gauge lights don't work?
  245. Should I get a 2004 Lexus RX or a 2004 Lexus LS380?
  246. how do you push in the two pistons in a SC300 Lexus?
  247. 1992 Lexus Sc400 whats this part called?
  248. How much leg room is in a Lexus IS300?
  249. Lexus question. Your help would be appreciated?
  250. Is the Lexus IS300 consider a Sports car?