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  1. what size windshield wipers for a 1999 lexus ?
  2. Has anyone taken a Lexus to a Toyota dealer for maintenance?
  3. sc300 2jzgte swap?
  4. how much do you pay for timing belt for a lexus gs at the dealer?
  5. How do I clean the interior, leather, and headliner in my Lexus.?
  6. What does the Air Control Valve (acv) valve control in a 1992 lexus LS 400?
  7. I want to connect ipod to my 2006 lexus ls430 what can i do.?
  8. What Lexus Dealer Ship Do You Recommend For Service Near Los Angeles California 10 Points?
  9. Is it possible to replace the battery in 2006 Lexus GS key without going to the dealer?
  10. I have a 2007 Lexus ES350, do I need the 07 navigation upgrade?
  11. Lexus 1S300?
  12. how can i break into my lexus,I locked my keys in it!?
  13. 1999 Lexus ES300, should I buy?
  14. Buying lexus GS 430. Things to know!!! HELP?
  15. how can i unlock my 2007 / 07 lexus is250 dvd player and sat nav so i can use it while i drive?
  16. who else thinks lexus' are just glorified toyota's?
  17. My 1998 Lexus Gs400 won't start/ first the battery was drained.?
  18. How much do the moldings on the lexus IS cost?
  19. Why is the Lexus GS400 (1998-2000) faster than the Lexus GS430 (2001-2005)?
  20. Would you rather have an m3 or is350?
  21. lexus car window glass doesn't close completely?
  22. Does anyone know where I can call to get a Lexus IS-F in ultrasonic blue with white and black
  23. I'm buying a Lexus LS 400 and have ?
  24. lexus gs 350 or 08 caddilac cts or 08 infiniti g37 what is better and why?
  25. Can I have someone other than a lexus dealer install a satellite radio to work with in dash radio?
  26. who makes the lexus vehicles?
  27. What does Lexus stand for? 10 pts 1st correct answer?
  28. Does the Lexus ES 330 have a smother, more comfortable ride then the New Lexus ES 350?
  29. Damn!!! The lexus is350 is just as fast as an M3?!?!?!?
  30. Attention all Lexus Owners?
  31. lexus rx redesign?
  32. What's the value of a used 2000 Lexus ES300?
  33. what is the price for a Lexus RX350, Tech package, in S. Francisco bay area? Any experience?
  34. LEXUS IS 300 front end collision?
  35. is300 qustions.?
  36. To "Spammer"...Why is Lexus your FAVORITE car?...and why do you spend so much time in the...
  37. I have 2001 Lexus that has a hairline fracture in the radiator, oem parts from lexus
  38. my 1997 ES 300 Lexus has had two replacement batteries in under 3 yrs.?
  39. My lexus upgraded?
  40. Is there an upgrade for the Lexus 2007 navigation system?
  41. depreciation value of Lexus GS 350 Sedan, after 8 years??
  42. I have a 2001 lexus es 300, is there any way i can get more power out of this thing?
  43. why my lexus es300 (96) overheats ?
  44. what kind of gas does a 2001 lexus gs300 take? 87 or 93?
  45. i have a 93 lexus sc400. which is the best way to drive in snow..please help . i am
  46. How much should it cost to upgrade or make current the GPS on a 2001 Lexus SUV?
  47. '08 Lexus GS models with run-flat tires?
  48. Im thinkin about gettin a lexus ls 350 or a G35/M35 any of the two?
  49. What type of motor oil does a 96 Lexus 300 series use?
  50. can i drive my lexus gs 400 in the snow (RWD)?
  51. Is lexus IS350 a cool car?
  52. What sort of person buys a lexus?
  53. Can the 2007 Lexus IS 250's existing DVD Navigation be modified to play DVDs?
  54. what is that (opera?) song that plays on the new Lexus GS 'the sweet spot' I think the...
  55. Does anyone know the date when the new future Lexus Rx will come out?
  56. Lexus SC and Toyota Soarer same thing?
  57. How do I change the brake lamp on a Lexus GS300? There doesn't appear to be a way to
  58. Does anyone know if Lexus GX470 will be re-designed this year?
  59. JDPower.com:What are the various quality ratings of the 2007/2008 Lexus IS350?
  60. Where can I purchase carpet flooring for a 1994 Lexus? I need the interior flooring, not the mats.?
  61. why is it sunroofs never open ALL the way first time?
  62. I have a 1995 lexus es300. I need a new or rebuilt transmission, how much do they cost?
  63. Best Internet site for buying Lexus parts?
  64. Do I have to use dealer parts when changing the timing belt/water pump on a Lexus ES 300?
  65. I have a 95 lexus sc400; My oil pressure light has been on for some time now..What's goin on??
  66. I'm thinking of leasing a 2008 Lexus IS250 AWD, any suggestions on what price I can...
  67. Is a lexus a good car??
  68. I'm trying to decide: Rav4, RX330 or Highlander?
  69. Is there a new Rx model from Lexus coming up for 2009?
  70. lexus is300?
  71. Lexus helpp?!?
  72. What do you think of the Lexus IS300?
  73. Which one would u rather and why? Acura , lexus ,or infiniti?
  74. When is the best time of year or month to lease a Lexus Gx?
  75. does the rattling noise in the 2008 Is 250 lexus is it true?
  76. How do I check the oil in my Lexus GS300?
  77. Lexus IS body style?
  78. can a 90 somethin lexus sc400 engine fit in a 88 corolla?
  79. How much would it be to have the timing belt changed on a lexus is 300?
  80. lexus is250?
  81. Does a Lexus IS300 have a maf sensor or a speed density system?
  82. where is the block heater cord on Lexus es300 1994?
  83. how do you remove the heater control unit on a 1997 lexus es 300?
  84. will any 2000-2007 lexus es300 rims fit on a 1997 lexus es300 & which junk yards can i find them?
  85. Type of gas does a 2005 -06 Lexus ES 330 take? Regular, Premiun Etc....?
  86. Need a creative name for a dinner at a lexus dealership?
  87. does anyone have details on the new lexus isf"?
  88. Is Lexus IS-F worth its price?
  89. Should I buy a 1999-2002 Mercedes E430, E320, a Lexus ES 300 or BMW 5 series for around $15,000.?
  90. lexus gx 470 navigation?
  91. Is the mirror on the passenger side same in Lexus rx330 and rx350?
  93. lexus 400 hybrid?
  94. where can I buy boot (trunk) carpet for a 2007 Lexus IS250 LE-S?
  95. How much does services a 2007 Lexus IS 250 for 10,000 miles cost???????
  96. how much is it to replace a lexus GS300 tire?
  97. I have an 91 Lexus Ls400?
  98. What do you think about the LEXUS IS 08?
  99. Do u like the Acura MDX or the Lexus GX 470?
  100. do u think that a lexus is better than a bmw or a mercedes??
  101. SC400/Black/116,000 mileage/'95 model/Clean title-timing belt,spark plug just replaced.
  102. Has anyone owned a reliable or unreliable Lexus? What's your story?
  103. where is the cigarette lighter fuse in an Lexus IS300?
  104. cold air intake for 93 lexus sc400?
  105. Im buying a lexus is300. Can someone tell me what to do it to prepare it for racing?
  106. What is the nicest color in a lexus is300?
  107. Why i smy Is300 overheating?
  108. Working in Lexus co.?
  109. Anyone have a Lexus IS 250? Need advice from Lexus owners.?
  110. 2oo4 Lexus Is 300 Cruise Control Lever?
  111. i have purchases a lexus 92 model its es 300 model cann any body guide !!?
  112. Where do I find light bulbs for speedometers? I have a 93' Lexus ES300?
  113. is there a cheaper way to upgrade the GPS software on my Lexus 2001 suv?
  114. How do you program a remote for a Lexus ES300?
  115. Lexus keys?
  116. Does Anyone know where to find more Lexus IS-F Pictures?
  117. anyone have problems with the no key lexus sedan 2007?
  118. Do anyone know how much the new 2008 Lexus IS-F will cost??
  119. 2001 Lexus LS430 Turning Circle?
  120. 2001 Lexus RX 330 4x4?
  121. Headlight problems on a 02 Lexus IS 300...?
  122. is possible to have a Lexus 430 with manual transmition?
  123. do they make Lexus RX manuals?
  124. why is my is300 overheating?
  125. I just got a Lexus rx350. Does it really matter what scale of gas you use?
  126. Estimate for Brakes?
  127. Do I really need those expensive Denso Iridium Plugs for Lexus IS300?
  128. lexus rx330 as first?
  129. Is Lexus Ls400 good for the first car ????
  130. Can you show me some Lexus LS 400 commercial ads ?
  131. Are snow tires necessary for a rear-wheel-drive Lexus sport sedan?
  132. I want to give my lexus IS250 more hp and torque whats the best way to do so?
  133. does the lexus rx330 have mp3 capability?
  134. has anyone ever experienced a front end ball joint going out on their Lexus?
  135. where is the fuel filter on a 1990 ls400?
  136. My Lexus ES300 won't start.?
  137. Which car would you buy, a 2005 Acura RL or a 2005 Lexus ES? Please explain your answer?
  138. Lexus ES330 versus Audi A4?
  139. how can i program a lexus is300 key?
  140. is a a 1993 lexus gs300 a fast car?? what about mpg??
  141. What the Lexus LS 400 commercial of 1999 called?
  142. any one update there gps map with out spending 400.00 at dealer.05 lexus es 330. uses tele maps in..
  143. does the Lexus LS400 get awful gas mileage?
  144. do u like the Lexus GX 470?
  145. I got a Lexus gs300 year 1998 and I found clean water in the driver's side. I check and is not
  146. should I trade my 2003 Explorer for a 1997 Lexus Lx450?
  147. What should I name my new car?
  148. Lexus headlights.?
  149. how many miles per gallon does a 2007 lexus es 350 hold????????
  150. Does anybody know how to make the exhaust on a 1998 Lexus Es300 LOUD?
  151. u like the lincoln mxk or the lexus rx 350?
  152. Lexus Sc400 1991 Original Price vs Todays Price?
  153. How do you a replace license plate lights on a 1997 lexus es 300?
  154. Range Rover Sport/Lexus!??
  155. Is the traction control in my Lexus IS350 controlled by a clutch?
  156. whats the best mpg to expect from a lexus is200?
  157. IM trying to make a balloon car racer for my science prject any ideas anythign is greatly...
  158. Is there a way to override the navigation system in the new 2007 models?
  159. used 1996 lexus es300 cost to keep up at 1079974 mile?
  160. lexus is300 whoosh sound how do i get it?
  161. dose he is250 only take premium?
  162. On average how many of gallons of paint would it take to paint an lexus ls400?
  163. How many miles can a Lexus last?
  164. What's the Lexus crash test called with test dummies get married in the Lexus LS 400?
  165. '92 lexus es300 radio problem?
  166. What's the name of that commercial where 2 crash dummies are in the Lexus LS 400 1999' commercial
  167. I have a 1993 Lexus GS300 and Ive been trying to find aftermarket parts for it?
  168. Do you drive or know about the Lexus hybrid FWD SUV?
  169. Does anyone own a Lexus 330 that "lurches"?
  170. I am looking for a chrome lexus Gs 300 liscense plate frame. Does anyone know where i...
  171. What was the original MSRP of the LS400 in the year it was introduced in the U.S. ?
  172. Bolt On T4 Turbo Kit for my 2JZ ??
  173. how do you set the settings for the drivers seat on a 1997 Lexus?
  174. How's insurance for an old model Lexus SC300 or SC400 (1990-1995)?
  175. who has a 1996 or 1997 Lexus Lx450?
  176. 1999 gs 300 lexus radio not working just saying SEC DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FIX IT?
  177. where can i get a Lexus second hand exhaust?...uk?
  178. Where can I find the lowest maintance program pricing in LA area for my 2002 Lexus ES300? Thanks!!?
  179. i have a 2002 RX300 Coach Edition at 62k miles .?
  180. lexus ls400 1998?
  181. What's a good third party GPS system/mount for a 2008 Lexus IS?
  182. Can you rent a new lexus lx570?
  183. Is the Lexus IS-F V8 engine from the LS?
  184. How do I change the Temperature reading in Lexus ES 330 from Fahrenheit to Celsius?
  185. How is the lexus ex 350?
  186. Swaping engines?
  187. lexus sc430?
  188. what kind of car could i trade a Lexus LS 400 for?
  189. I have and Lexus GX470 and do I have to do anyhting to activate the 4 wheel drive?
  190. Does a Lexus IS 300 have a 2-JZ Surpra engine inside?
  191. How do I program Keyless remote for 1999 Lexus RX300?
  192. any idea of how much is the new LEXUS IS F going to cost ?
  193. lexus sc 300 1993 exhaust system?
  194. What is the out the door price of a Lexus 350 at a dealer?
  195. Does anyone have problems with there lexus is300?
  196. Is the back seat of a Lexus SC430 big enough for kids?
  197. My Lexus IS300 makes a funny noise @ a stop?
  198. which car should I get the 2008 Toyota Sport AWD or the Lexus RX 350 AWD?
  199. What do you think about the new 2008 LEXUS LX570?
  200. Why would my timing belt jump?
  201. what a better brand of cars lexus or lincoln and why?
  202. what the best luxury lexus suv to buy?
  203. 2008 lexus IS 350 better than mercedes of any year?
  204. I'm gona buy a use Lexus LS 400 1996 and got some questions?
  205. what lexus suv u like?
  206. what is the best luxury car?
  207. does anyone go to taste of lexus???
  208. which car is more luxury lincoln or lexus?
  209. What would be better supercharge or turbocharge my 2006 Lexus IS300?
  210. name for my car?
  211. is the lexus is 300 tough to drive in the snow?
  212. do u like the Lexus RX350 or the Lincoln MKX?
  213. When to gear up/down on my tiptronic?
  214. What the Lexus LS 400 commercial of 1999 called?
  215. How to reset the dash display so it doesn't say "service oil change necessary"?
  216. Best overall tires for 2002 Lexus SC430?
  217. LED 3rd brake light for Lexus RX 300?
  218. Can K&N Air Filter really save gas for my Lexus IS300?
  219. I am trying to find out where to buy the blue lights that comes on lexus cars?
  220. do u like the lexus GX 470 or the lexus RX 330?
  221. car starter for 2007 lexux gs 350?
  222. where is the fuel filter?
  223. groupe Premium , groupe Ultra Premium : lexus?
  224. How to replace oil pump on Lexus 300 es?
  225. Is there a way to override the navigation system in the new 2007 models?
  226. is300 emissions?
  227. all owners of 2007-2008 lexus is250 can you help me?
  228. Does anybody know how to change the fuel filter on a Lexus es300?
  229. Supra/Lexus SC 300 Engine?
  230. How do You override the navigation system in the new lexus?
  231. which is better infiniti fx35 or lexus rx350?
  232. how is the 2007 lexus gs450 hybrid?
  233. what would win in a race a toyota tundra or a lexus IS350?
  234. need advice!!?
  235. Can Lexus last up to 300000 miles ??
  236. Which car would you buy: BMW 5-series, Mercedes Benz E-series, Audi 6, Lexus GS?
  237. Well, I was recommended a old model Lexus SC 300, is that better bet than a nissan 300zx?
  238. If you buy a Lexus during the December to Remember sales event do they really give you a big red
  239. Should I buy a Lexus or BMW?
  240. LS400 remote key question?
  241. what is that christmas tune they play in the recent lexus commercial?
  242. how much to reupholster leather seats on a 99 lexus gs 300?
  243. How do I change my headlight bulb on a 2007 lexus es350?
  244. can i use an obd2 tester to clear my airbag light.96 Lexus es300?
  245. How do I replace the headlight on a 1999 Lexus rx300?
  246. Does anyone know where I can get an automatic car starter for a 2004 Lexus ES330?
  247. on the Lexus LS can you set a wallpaper on the navigation system like on a cellphone?
  248. lexus lx 470?
  249. When does the Lexus December to Remember 2007 Sales event start this year?
  250. when will Lexus be changing the body style on the GS 430 model or changing the 430 to