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Default Captains of Crush Hand Gripper - Trainer

Image: http:///image.php?id=B0002U3CNU
Best deal: http:///index.php?id=B0002U3CNU

The Captains of Crush grippers I have seen and used (both this one and the number one) feel like they are seriously well made and suited for hand strength training of the kind a gripper can be used for. It also feels as if it has an effect on what might be regarded as 'wrist' strength, something I had never noticed before when ages ago as a kid I had used hand grippers... none of which offered this kind of resistance.These grippers allow even someone with a fairly strong grip (in fact, getting up to the higher numbers, probably would allow almost anyone no matter how strong their grip ... except perhaps an orangutan or a gorilla perhaps) to do training with lower reps. These definitely are not the ones like from my youth where you feel you have to squeeze off reps from dawn to dusk to get a workout ... in fact, as with training with serious resistance, you want to be careful not to overwork - a sign to me you really have a useful exercise device for strength building... you have to treat training with these with the respect for the body's recovery requirements that you apply to serious strength or power work with weights, for example. In case you are interested in the resistance rating for the Captains of Crush grippers for all of their different models, it can be found in terms of pounds on the Captains of Crush website. [So you can see the difference in terms of pounds of resistance between the 'Sport' , the 'Trainer', the 'No. 1', 'No. 2', etc. - for example, according to their website, the 'Sport' is rated at 80 lbs, the 'Trainer' at 100 lbs., the 'No. 1' at 140 lbs,the No. 2 at 195 lbs - the website gives ratings for all the grippers except the #1.5, #2.5. and #3.5 Grippers].The website also gives a list of all those who have under official conditions managed to demonstrate ability to close grippers No.3 strength and stronger.
This product is amazing. I first bought this gripper because I needed to use straps when I was hangcleaning weights for high school football(straps help you hold onto the bar). Once I started to get towards my max 245+ lbs. I could not hangclean this weight very successfully without straps because the bar would start to slip out of my hands. I was an All-state defensive end and could barely close this grip once. After some extensive training with this grip for a few weeks(a month or less) I could close this grip 10+ times. Now I can close the number 1 gripper 6+ times on a good day. Some of the strongest guys I know cannot even close the number 1 grip once! Do not buy this product if you don't want you grip strength to get extremely powerful! If you are looking for a quality gripper, do not buy anything but this product.P.S. I am not an Iron Mind(the maker of thiss product) salesman. I simply am in love with their grippers. I have yet to try their other products.
I read all the reviews and this was by far the best and most recommended brand of hand grip exercise tools out, so I ordered it up. I could tell right when I opened the package and held it in my hand that its a solid unit and definitely better than any other gripper I have held before. I am a fairly small guy (5'9", 155lbs) with an athletic build. I work out 5 days a week, but concentrate more on cardio than weights. I could close the trainer at 100lbs about 10 times before I had to stop. Its a pretty stiff tension but Im very sure Ill work up to making it easy. My one MAJOR complaint though is the knarled metal grips. Wow, this product certainly wasnt designed to be used by just anyone. I never do any manual labor and my hands have zero callous' which I consider to be a good thing and the first set I did with these grips gave me two small paper like cuts on the bending point of my fingers. I immediately considered returning them, then thought to wrap the grips in electrical tape and now they feel fine.
These crushes are EXCELLENT. I at first bought Number 2 underestimating my own strenght but I couldnt close that so I moved down to a Number 1 but also couldnt close that then finally here I am settled at Trainers, these are hard and unlike the store bought plastic do not BREAK, all in all these grips give you a real workout.I do recommend buying leather gloves or any biking gloves with these since the metal does take toll on your skin and eventually really damages it.
I knew this going in, but for those that do not, this is not your garden variety department store or big box athletics store gripper. This is for serious grip training. Even though I realized this, and though I had some experience with grippers and weight lifting before, I still could not close this more than 4 or 5 times in a row to start.If you are new to grip training, consider getting a cheap gripper and/or use other methods to start and/or buy this knowing you may have to work up to even the lowest level of gripper that Captains of Crush offers. If you are a more advanced weight lifter, or have had past experience with grippers then this is where to start.That aside, this is an all metal, beautifully constructed gripper. It will last and it will give your hands a serious workout for as long as you need it to. This is going to last longer than you are.
Warning: Captains of Crush Grippers can be extremely addictive and the side effects of proper use include bigger forearms, a stronger grip and fewer aches and pains from the elbows to the fingertips. Captains of Crush Grippers from IronMind are known worldwide as the gold standard for building and testing grip strength. Available in ten strengths, there is a model perfect for everyone from rehab patients to World's Strongest Man winners. These are the grippers that changed the world, taking what had been a cheap, imported plaything and turning it into a serious training tool: Captains of Crush Grippers are known wherever strong men and women gather, and are used by champion athletes, elite military and public safety personnel, government leaders, CEOs, celebrities and extraordinary people of all ages, sizes and shapes. TRAINER: Bridge the gap from the general to the specific -- get serious about grip training.


Captains of Crush Hand Gripper - No. 1:http:///index.php?id=B0002U46IK
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Captains of Crush Hand Gripper - No. 1.5:http:///index.php?id=B000M7725M
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