Re: Small sputter at start 1990 camry sedan

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Default Re: Small sputter at start 1990 camry sedan

Sounds like it could be an oxygen sensor, plugs, or dirty injectors. Just
guessing. When was the last time you had the O2 sensor changed?
"ED EDIT68" <> wrote in message
> Hey All,
> Just wondering what simple things I could try to fix this problem of

> a little when I first xlerate. Just started happening and seems to get

> as the car warms up and drives for a bit. Just wondering if it could be

> plugs, battery. I'm going to change the air filter today and see what

> Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: Small sputter at start 1990 camry sedan (ED EDIT68) wrote in

> I'Ve had the car for three years and haven't changed the O2 filter yet

Here's a classic problem with older camrys. The car starts fine and may
run okay for a few minutes. But then as it starts to warm up, it begins
hesitating on acceleration and/or stalling at stoplights. When it is fully
warmed up the behavior goes away. The problem is usually worse after a
rain or in humid weather. Once it starts happening, it gets more severe
over a matter of weeks.

This one baffles mechanics, who wind up replacing a series of expensive
parts, all to no avail. Ironically, the true fix is very easy and cheap.

'90 Camrys (as well as several years before and several years after-I'm not
sure of the exact range of years) have the coil inside the distributor-a
bad idea. I don't know when they stopped doing that. When the engine
starts, it exudes moisture (a product of combustion). The moisture
condenses on all surfaces inside the distributor. That's okay when the car
is newish, because distilled water is not conductive. But when the car is
older it has a fine film of debri coating all surfaces. When those
surfaces get wet they conduct electricity and the primary coil shorts out.
Then when the car fully warms up, the sufaces are dry again.

The fix is to use isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and cotton balls or
Q-tips to clean all the surfaces inside the distributor. Take off the
distributor cap and the black plastic shroud that covers the coil (snaps
off and snaps back on). Clean everything with liberal amounts of alcohol.
Don't worry if it drips all over-it drys without harm. Don't be
discouraged if you don't see a lot of dirt on the cotton, were' talking
trace amounts here. Give special attention to the coil wires. Also clean
the inside and outside of the distributor cap while you're at it. You'll
be amazed. You'll have to do this every couple of years now.


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mark Ransley
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Default Re: Small sputter at start 1990 camry sedan

Fred I have this Exact problem.. You dont think I need a new coil?

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