Problem Solved: 97 Camry 4 Cyl - Check engine codes P0125, P1135, and etc.

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Default Problem Solved: 97 Camry 4 Cyl - Check engine codes P0125, P1135, and etc.

It's the Fuel Air Ratio Sensor (which is an improved oxygen sensor, but
expensive). After replacing the sensor (Denso 234-9024), the check
engine light stays off. Case closed.

Harry (97 Camry LE 4-Cyl)

The following are the original messages:

Got the check engine light two days ago. Went to Autozone and borrowed
the scan tool yesterday. Got 5 codes as follows.

P0125 - Insufficient Coolant Temperature for Closed Loop Fuel control.
P1135 - Air-Fuel Sensor Heater Circuit Response.
P0171 - System too Lean. (Bank 1)
P1130 - Air-Fuel Sensor Circuit Range/Performance.
P1135 (Repeat)

Deleted the codes, but check engine light came back on after about 10
minutes of driving. Reset the check engine light this morning (by
pulling EFI fuse for 1 minute). But again, it came back on after 10
minutes of driving. Any suggestion where I should start looking at?
Thanks in advance. (Searched the net, some say "fuel air ratio sensor",
others say "O2 sensor", "coolant temp sensor", etc.)

Car is a 97 Camry LE (4-Cyl), about 78K miles.

Harry (97 Camry LE 4-Cyl)

After a few days of observation (by carrying a OBDII scan tool on my
car and retrieve/reset the error codes once the check engine light
comes up), here is a summary.

(1) Normally there are multiple error codes but sometimes there is only
5/26 AM - p0125, p1130, p1135
5/26 PM - p0125, p0171, p1135
5/27 AM - p0125, p0171, p1130, p1133, p1135
5/27 PM - p0171, p0171, p1135 (p0171 comes up twice)
5/31 AM - p0125 (single error code)
6/1 PM - p1135, p0171, p1135 (p1135 comes up twice)
(2) The Check Engine Light (CEL) normally comes up after about 10
minutes of driving, from a cold engine. There are couple of times that
right after I got the CEL, reset it, then kept driving, the CEL never
came up again, as long as the engine is hot.
(3) The engine temperature looks normal. It may be a little bit lower
then before, or it could be my imagination. The time for the engine to
reach the normal temperature is about the same too.

Base on the above observation, does it ring a bell to anyone?

Harry (97 Camry LE 4-Cyl, 78K miles)

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Default Re: Problem Solved: 97 Camry 4 Cyl - Check engine codes P0125, P1135, and etc.

AF sensor is what asian car makers call a wide-band oxygen sensor. I
think Denso sensors are not up to par as they fail earlier as in your
case. I'd go with Bosch units. Their universal sensor is very cost

There are five fundamentally different types of oxygen sensors:
unheated thimble, heated thimble, planar, wide-band and titania. Within
each sensor type, sensors vary in the design of the ceramic element,
heater element and protection tube design, all of which affect sensor

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