1992 sloppy driveaxle 'tripod'

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Default 1992 sloppy driveaxle 'tripod'

My 1992 4cyl AT Camry shakes really hard accelerating through 45-60mph.
I can feel it wobble a little at lower speeds, it's more subtle and
seems to follow the wheel speed.

I had all new tires put on, didn't help at all. I suspected the engine
mounts since the dogbone was shot, so I replaced the front (totally
shot), rear (seemed ok), and dogbone. This helped just a little, the
shaking is still really bad. There isn't any clicking when I turn, so
I had ruled out the CV joints, but I took a peek anyways and replaced
the intermediate shaft bearing (blown) but that didn't help.

I did notice that on the driver side that the tripod case, the part at
the engine end of the shaft just before the tranny, was really sloppy
in the transmission. Putting my hand on the tripod case i can move it
1-2cm in any direction. Is this likely the cause of my problem? It
seems strange that parts in the transmission would be able to move so

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions, I've run out of possibilities at
this point.

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Default Re: 1992 sloppy driveaxle 'tripod'

The play you're feeling in the differential side gears is normal.
I've got the same thing - without advese effect.
When you say the "dogbone" was shot, as was the front engine mount,
sounds like you're close to the solution there.
The symptoms you're describing would reflect bad engine mounts.
Actually Toyota calls the dogbone mount an "engine moving control rod"
- perhaps a clue to its function. I suspect that once it goes out, the
stress on the other mounts causes the fluid dampers to fail - long way
of saying next logical step would be to replace the rear engine mount
and also check the transmission mount near the left wheel.
Here's what someone else wrote some time back (not my words):
Alex Marcuzzi wrote:
> I have a 1993 Camry and it vibrates starting at 50M.P.H. and then it
> gradually disappears when it reaches 60-65 M.P.H.. I have balanced the
> wheels, moved the tires from front to rear and did a wheel alignment.
> Anyone else have any ideas. Other then those speeds it runs pretty
> smooth.
> Alex

I have had the same problem for years and finally found the
motor mounts.

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Jason James
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Default Re: 1992 sloppy driveaxle 'tripod'

"Daniel" <nospampls2002@yahoo.com> wrote in message
news:1140813576.108379.268470@i39g2000cwa.googlegr oups.com...
> The play you're feeling in the differential side gears is normal.
> I've got the same thing - without advese effect.

Dan I'm pretty sure he's talking about movement which allows the sliding
joint to not just turn, but wobble as there is sideways movement,..or at
least that's how I read it.

Side gear slop which is in the rotating plane is normal,..but he said "in
any direction". I had a car with a badly worn gearbox- propellor housing
bush (in the back of the gearbox where the tailshaft is supported) this gave
similar symptoms to that which he describes ie lots of vibration while

I think his driveshaft is either partly withdrawn and thus not fully
supported, or its gone on for so long he's chopped the splines out in the
diff and axle allowing the sideways movement. He'll have to pull it down and


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