Bio-TERROR in America: The Government of Torture!

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Default Bio-TERROR in America: The Government of Torture!

AMERICA IN DANGER of its own out-of-control Bio-Terror:
Is 1984 here? Or cripping... God help us,
Originally Secret Bio-Aerosols are misused to HARM and Torture in
Tempering with pills/medicine/treatments to HARM and DISABLE !

Our government needs TORTURE in U.S.? See details
It has your VOTE, support? Abused... for power-grab or

CRITICS (political/social/cultural) are harassed and secretly
along with their KIDS in schools/colleges, especially, during
(Think: Guantanamo "stress-positions" in the context of
Female FBI-informers are coerced
and abused!

Bio-Aerosols and aerosolized chemicals are used to cause:
- severe colds/coughs turning into bronchitis, eye irritation
- bacterial pneumonia/other pneumonia, shortness of breath
- surges of severe headaches, migraines, dizziness, etc.
- fainting collapses by symptoms-mimicking aerosols
- severe stomach pains (sharp, burning, nausea, etc)
- chest-wall pains, heart-muscle inflammations/trauma, etc.
- heart attacks under cover of second-hand smocking
- aerosolized chemicals from the death-penalty drugs
- car crashes/accidents by Vertigo-causing aerosols
- car accidents due to the fine/controlled tempering
- liver/organ failure by small-dose toxins (trace-less?)
- cancer-causing/facilitating - months-long assasinations
This "Yushchenko syndrom" CAN destabilize NATIONs
Waste, Fraud, Cronism and Abuse in HomeSec/FBI
Fabrication of Believable Info/Manufacturing of accidents

U.S. mail IS polluted in "anthrax-like" manner to HARM critics
Libraries, airplanes, hotels, offices, buses, trains - all polluted!

A network of Secret Gas-Aerosol Rooms operated in US
(in Philadelphia, Narberth, Lower Merion, PA)
(in Wilmington and Newark, DE)
(in Hampton, Williamsburg and Richmond, VA)
AND ELSEWHERE.... details below...
Bio-aerosols used to hurt and simulate panic attacks, etc.!
Soviets locked critics into nut-houses, now WE do the same!
Symptoms-mimicking aerosols do HARM, weak or ill people.

Echo-location/wire-taps/listening used to turn homes into cages!

Say "Stop, I care" - call Senate (202) 224-3121
House of Representatives (202) 225-3121
What IS going on in America? *Print and
Manufacturing of FEAR to grab more Power and Money, of course.
Tragedy IS used to Power Graib, while Fear is molded into profit!

Big Brother spins protection...
And fear is used to clamp.
Democracy needs action!
On which side do you stand?

Looked at this?!! Go to Google/Yahoo newsGroups:

TORTURE IN USA: Secret Aerosol Rooms

US Scientist needs legal help dealing with the secret aerosols rooms
(SARs) operated illegally in Philadelphia area, Newark (DE), Hampton
and Williamsburg (VA) and other places. Highly volatile aerosols with
and without bacterial content cause dry cough, airways a...

Full text was at:

This was a new on-line ad placed in Philadelphia Inquirer and
Philadelphia Daily News on (see full text below)
It was about the secret aerosols rooms in US. One could find it by
searching "secret", say, in the ad section of

Democracy can not function effectively without the informed public. As
a former NASA Langley scientist working in the area of nanotechnology
and nanoscale particles, I have been recently exposed to the
establishment of secret gas-aerosol rooms inside of United States, at
least in the Mid-Atlantic region (from Philadelphia to Virginia).
First, the highly irritant aerosols have surfaced at the NASA Langley
Research Center in several safety accidents. Investigations were
blocked, probably, because of lack of Congressional approval for such
financially-lucrative research at NASA. Later, these aerosols had been
encountered outside of NASA in Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania
This points out to yet another proliferation of originally-sensitive
technologies into domestic American life to hurt and harass people
without a proper oversight and much control. This amounts to torture,
extra-judicial prosecution and authoritarian intimidation tactics. The
use of such irritants and the operations of the secret gas-aerosol
rooms are gross violations of human and constitutional rights of
American citizens and various domestic and international laws.

-------------------Full text of an ad from Philadelphia's
TORTURE IN USA: Secret Aerosol Rooms
US Scientist needs legal help dealing with the secret aerosols rooms
(SARs) operated illegally in Philadelphia area, Newark (DE), Hampton
and Williamsburg (VA). Highly volatile aerosols with and without
bacterial content cause dry cough, airways and eyes irritation, chest
pain and inflammation. FBI and Homeland Security associates are likely
operators of SARs, while collaborators may be hotel staff and
landlords, who get financial/material or other incentives. US citizens
and kids are victims.

Torture is any act by which severe pain, whether physical or
psychological, is intentionally inflicted on a person as a means of
intimidation, deterrence, revenge, punishment, sadism, or information
gathering. At times, medicine and medical practitioners have been drawn
into the ranks of torturers, either to judge what victims can endure,
to apply treatments which will enhance torture, or as torturers in
their own right.

America in Danger!

America in danger -
The vice is NOT impeached.
America in danger -
The public trust is breached.

Big Brother spins protection
And fear is used to clamp.
Democracy needs action!
On which side do you stand?

Which side are you on, boys?
Which side moves you on?
Which side are you on, girls?
Which side did you wrong?
(Chorus after F. Reece)

Your church is burned by haters.
The priests to go to jail?
Your dreams are cheyned by traitors,
But hope still shines through veil.

Dust rooms came back to gas us
With neo-Naz (or Con) embrace...
New immigrants do make US!
And not the SSuper-race...


The Government of Torture

Our government needs TORTURE?!
It has your VOTE, and, now, support?
But peace (not vice) needs steady nurture
And trustful words of calm rapport.

Beware of loud, but FALSE, ideas
That flame a thirsty hellish torch.
Protect the old and true ideals
And Constitution's civic urge.

Yes, torture IS a hellish torch -
In bloody hands, a blinded sword,
With Constitution used to forge
All laws on rights as mere absurd!

Remember victim's silent cry
And SEE the Christ in all of us.
Don't let your government to spy
And torture with some bio-dust.

There is NO good use for evil torture!
No matter how the need is spinned
By Nixon's men, as bloody sergeants,
While truth is painfully re-skinned.

V. Haryk-Bukovynsky VMH

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