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Default Re: best gasoline grade for rx 300

On Thursday, January 3, 2002 at 6:54:02 AM UTC-5, Manwe Sulimo wrote:
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> > Follow the manual. Most Lexus' (if not all) require high octane fuel.
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> >well, i totally disagree w u..and i had 3 RX 300, 350 and 450 ...and nowi drive X5;s ...the rx lexus will suffer big big big on 87 octane....i still have one of them a rx300 2003 and my wife put 87 octane and it went downlike a body bag, lost power, holds back and vibrates .....

> "Require" is the word that caught my attention. This is not factually true.
> Any lexus automobile (and most of today's engines) will work on a range of
> fuels. You can put 87 octane in your RX300 and never have a problem. Most
> engineers will tell you, though, that you will suffer a performance
> decrease--the margin of decrease is where you get tempers flaring, though..
> The engine is intelligent enough to adjust to variations in the fuel type
> (sometimes higher or lower octane, sometimes the brand of gas varies
> tremendously, sometimes just a bad tank of gas). You may get some pinging,
> but even though will be drastically reduced to what it would have been some
> years ago because of the time-fired reaction of the pistons. Most people
> would say that your gas mileage would be affected as a result--again
> opinions differ as to how much. If you find it to be a great difference,
> then maybe using 91 makes economic senses.
> The manuals does indeed say 91 octane, and if you want to guarantee the best
> performance, put that octane in your vehicle. Many people might say (and
> they have a point, though I am not sure I totally agree with them) that if
> you are worried about the 20 cent difference between 87 and 91 you should
> not be buying a Lexus--others would say it is all about not paying for what
> you really do not need--like getting your oil changed at the Lexus dealer
> instead of a local machanic who charges you half the price you would have
> paid.
> In the end, do not loose too much sleep over it. Also, be glad gas is
> something like 80 cents cheaper around my parts than it was just a while
> back.

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