Why would a 1992 toyota camry would do this?

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Default Why would a 1992 toyota camry would do this?

It accelerates fine but when you put in the clutch or the car is idling it idle really rough. it bounces to 100 rpm to 700 rpms and back down to 100 again. Any ideals?
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clean the IAC valve
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Because actually all 1992 Camry's are cranky bastards and don't like to be driven. So they get all gassy and make the engines run rough. Sick bastards, they are.

Okay, just kidding.

When the car is running, the engine is moving and causing air intake to be sucked in for car's need as it is being driven. But at idle, the engine needs less air, so if there's a leak in a hose, then it's more noticeable.

Also any air sensors, like oxygen sensor, will show defects more when idling. On my old 1991 corolla, there is a small 4 inch rubber tube that goes from top of engine to fuel injection chamber. It's to send unburned oil fumes back into air/fuel chamber to then be sent back into engine in hopes of burning it more completely, rather than send out into exhaust causing more pollution into air. If I pull off the little tube, then it's sucking straight air, and it revs up extremely well as if it's gone turbo. But the air/fuel system is a closed system meaning that it's pressurized at a certain set rate. The engine is designed to run best (especially for exhaust fumes) at that set pressured rate. Pulling that hose allows more air than car is set to use, so it revs up engine. You'd think that's better because car is reving with more power, but it's not. The higher revs will also use up gobs more gas.

But the type of changing revs like you're experiencing is more because of a faulty sensor. As said, maybe the Oxygen sensor, which needs to be changed every few years. Also check the sensor the first answer said. sensors are nasty buggers to track down when one is malfunctioning.
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The first thing I would suspect is a sticking EGR valve. With the car idling give it a firm but gentle tap and see if the idle improves. If it did the valve was stuck and needs to be replaced. If that does not do it the next place to is the Idle Air Control valve in the throttle body. Remove the throttle body, take the valve off and clean it out with carburettor cleaner. Clean up the throttle plate while you are at it. Good Luck!
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Sounds as if its getting unmetered air from the large plenum hose for the intake. The rubber gets old and hard and will tear with age, usually at the throttle body by the clamp or on the bottom in between the folds where it is difficult to see. The problem is masked by more fuel at cruising speed, but real noticeable at idle where the fuel mix is real lean. This can happen if the motor mounts are worn and allowing the engine to torque forward and back too much. The way to tell that is if the dogbone(upper limit mount) is torn where the rubber is on the end. Some close inspection is required and maybe a few parts. Good Luck--T&T
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