Uphill with automatic v6 '93 4runner?

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Default Uphill with automatic v6 '93 4runner?

I have to go on long uphills and I would like some suggestions on when do I turn off overdrive. I don't know much about cars and these is my first one. Do you just feel it needs to be turned off or do you pay attention to mph and/or rpms

It is also on a highway so I want to stay around 60mph
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Yes,turn off the overdrive in hilly areas...When you reach the freeway turn it back on...Over drive is for the highway...
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You do not need to turn the overdrive off for going up hill. The transmission will downshift when it is necessary. The reason for the overdrive off button is to supply more engine braking going DOWN hill.
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Hey, you should be thankful that you've GOT the ability to turn off the o/d. "In my days", (60 yr old guy), my car didn't come with these fancy schmancy little buttons to turn on or off overdrive. YOu just drove. . . .and you either survived or NOT!! Law of the highway, baby!!

Oh, just kidding.

Actually, I'm not about no o/d button. 1991 Geo Prizm which has AT, but no o/d button. I've driven up mtns in NM, and it's a BOTHER, because then I've got to down shift into 2nd, which is too much for engine, and then it shifts into 3rd, but then shifts back up to 4th at 45 mph, and can't stay in 3rd gear unless going 35-43 mph. Yuck!!

The o/d button works both going UPHILL as it does going DOWNHILL. I was going to mention that there are some naysayers who tell you that the damn transmission will TELL YOU what gear it'll be in, because it's built that way. then why the heck can you put the AT into other gears, like 1, 2, 3,etc??? Shouldn't we only have "D" for any and all forward gears if the damn tranny is so frickin' smart??

It is true that the transmission is very good at shifting into what it needs, but sometimes, you might need a little more torque going uphills. Where I live, there's a very short steep hill, which can be climbed at 3rd gear, but downshifting into 2nd gives it little more torque to get up hill. NO problem. Either will work.

It depends mostly whether the 3rd and 4th gears are close together in ratio or not. If they are, then the shift between the two are not very noticeable. some trannies are like that, where 4th gear is more like 3.5 gear than 4th gear. Then keeping it in 3rd by turning off o/d is just fine.

But if ratio is larger, and there's a major difference when it goes into 4th gear, then you've got to be more careful.

Since you want to keep speeds at 60 mph, sounds like the hills aren't that bad, not like going up Pike's Peak or such. So turning off the o/d won't hurt car, and will actually help, because the car will have better torque to get uphill, which means more than enough power. Keeping in 4th gear may be okay for your hills, but you can also lug the engine JUST A LITTLE, enough to slow response and efficiency. A LITTLE MORE torque won't hurt to give you a boost up a hill. Otherwise, they wouldn't have built the damn tranny so that you can keep it in 3rd gear by turning off the o/d. If the car makers and designers made the damn o/d button available to us, then they must have felt there was a NEED FOR US to use it that way, since the damn tranny is so frickin' smart!!

Besides, they call 4th gear overdrive. that's an auxilliary gear. Not a "normal" gear. But it's a carry over from when most cars were only 3 gears, so 4th gear was indeed overdrive. But in most cars from 80's and on, 4th gear is not an auxilliary gear, 4th gear is a regular gear.

But don't worry, use the 3rd gear as you want. You'll know when you should be back in 4rd gear because engine will be wrapped up too much, sounding too high. In 3rd gear, at 60 mph, once you clear the hill, you might want to shift back into 4th gear by activating the o/d button.

(Heck, HOnda even builds their trannies with no o/d button. they've got D1, D2, D3, and D4 built INTO their trannies. Different, but effective, for exactly what you're describing.)

My 1991 Geo Prizm has no o/d button, as I said. And yet the manual says I can go up to 55 mpg in 2nd gear!!!!!!! so 3rd gear must be fine for average highway speeds. That means that 4th gear merely reduces wear and tear and stress on highway speeds, not that you can go faster on highways, altho' it does let you do so.

So don't worry, just use the o/d button as you can. In friend's cars, in fact, I like to turn it off in town, because in stop and go traffic, 4th gear is ridiculous because you're not going any distance to gain frm mpg savings. 3rd gear is fine for city driving, unless you get on freeway.
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