question about toyota?

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Default question about toyota?

Please answer as in the order.

When you bought your first car?

- how old were you?

- which one did you buy?

- why did you choose that one?

- was it easy to buy? How can we make it easier?

- was it fun to buy? How can we make it more fun?

- Do you like buying cars?

- What's your best memories with cars?

- What's your favourite thing in your car?

- do you know what will be your next car? Why this one?

Some people told us buying a car is like a ritual of passage, do you feel that way? what does that mean to you?

- do you know Toyota?

- can you give me three words to describe Toyota?

- do you want to buy a Toyota car?
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That is a lot of questions...
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-Ford Ranger

-Needed a small truck

-No - stop pricing so the buyer is required to negotiate prices

-No - you can't under the current paradigm

-Hate buying new cars

-64 Falcon Convertible (bought used in 1979)- just fun and people would stop and talk about it all the time.

- Manual Transmissions (getting harder and harder to find)

- Ford Focus - had one before and it was great in all aspect.

- A ritual of passage like being thrown in prison the first time and getting boar-hogged


-Nagasaki nut-bucket, overpriced, lacking style

-Not a chance.
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Toyota makes a great car
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-1984 Ford Bronco

-Because I knew the owner and the maintenance and repairs were up to date.

-It was easy to buy, because it was a private-party sale and I knew the owner.

-It was somewhat fun and exciting, driving off in my own vehicle.

-I used to somewhat enjoy buying cars from private sellers. I no longer enjoy buying cars.

-My best memories include exploring the forest service roads and camping

-My favorite part about the old Ford was the styling and the capability. Now I drive something completely different (Prius) and enjoy the low emissions, low fuel consumption and easy driving experience.

-I do not have any future auto purchases planned.

Buying a car, especially the first one, is a bit like a rite-of-passage. It's a new level of responsibility and independence. The thrill definitely diminishes with auto ownership at later ages. Then, it's mostly an expense and an obligation.

Toyota: Dependable, satisfying, value

If I did buy another vehicle, it would likely be a Toyota but I'm not planning on any more vehicle purchases.

Holey...yup--go ahead with the hard time. The Willys p/u sounds amazing! I grew up riding in an '84 Tercel wagon...I miss that car. I kind'a wish the friend Dad sold it to had let me know he was selling it...I may have tried to grab it back.
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Eric, gonna give you a hard time for driving a prius. lol.


14 yrs old(young) 1969.

1st vehicle, 64 chevy nova wagon 283/muncie 4sp.

chevy guy. no imports avail as a *muscle* cars in the late 60's/early 70's. no after market support for them back then either.

love having a lot of cars. not thrilled buying them. had 8 b4 i got hitched. purdy much all domestic muscle though. strangly, no mopars. chevy's ferds. one ramble american wagon with a 327 push button auto trans shift. that was fun to mod.

first toy was an 89 tercel 2dr lift back, 5sp, 3e carb. 44+ mpg hwy is why i got it. bad engine by design. but i knew that from the get go. rebuilt with more robust innards. bought in 2000.

next was 92 toy pu 4x4 V6. discovered AISIN hard parts (rival Dana) and tasted suspension lifts/crawling. fell in love.

bought a trashed 86 toy 4x4 after that. modded that with 22/20R head/ msd/weber/lcengineering cam & intake/headers/SAS conversion. can't stop that one.

buying next toy?

i don't look for a given make. have my preferences. NO mopar suv's for sure. not havin any of that. no sables/taurus either. crappy 3.0 l engines.

and i have my hands full restoring the inlaws 79 vette after sitting for ten years. take my time/procrastinate, might just get it willed to us. hmmmmm.

old school.

present project is a 56 willys pu . slammed a bit and it and still retains the 4x4 and pto features. rat rod config for sure. 5-6 yrs in they making. still going with no end in sight yet.

since i'm old school, i would not buy any toys newer than say 95. obd 1 for me. easier to maintain. i like to think i know more than any computer (not). LOL.

specifically as a mechanic, i hate the computer screens/digitals and such for gages. i like to see stuff start to go bad b4 any computer finally deems it in the bad range. but, some are now giving us options. so that's a plus for gear heads like me.
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Alot of questions to answer but im going to tell you this. I will never in my life buy a Toyota unless it's a Toyota supra or an mr2(older version). Also if Toyota decides to make sports cars later in the future then ill buy them too.
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